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Is Blockchain the Answer to Our Advertising Problems?

Ashley Kaczmar | Blockchain's ability to function as a ledger of transactions that is open and shared has opened up possibilities in the eyes of marketers.... more

X Marks the Spot for Ad Escape Routes in Display Advertising

Madeleine Helme | Offering easy ad escape routes lends to the user experience and minimizes the disruption caused by your ads. Don't let your ad earn you a bad reputation.... more

What is Real-Time Bidding?

Madeleine Helme | Once the practice of real-time bidding is understood, it’s clearly a lucrative opportunity for advertisers looking to optimize their online display ads.... more

How to Decide if Display Advertising is Right for You

Madeleine Helme | The “right” form of advertising is different for all businesses. To help you decide if display advertising is right for you, take a look at these questions.... more

Targeting Your Advertising with Granularity of Data

Madeleine Helme | Gaining greater granularity of data for your advertising campaigns is a worthwhile investment. Granularity could be the key to more successful advertising.... more

Choosing the Right Font for Your Advertisements

Madeleine Helme | The font you use, just like the clothes you wear on a day-to-day basis, gives off a certain impression. Make sure you pick the right one for your ads.... more

Why Top Marketers Use Display Advertising in Their Growth Strategy

Ashley Kaczmar | Display advertising is a type of online advertising that incorporates different media, like video, to deliver an advertising message.... more

The 7 Deadly Problems Digital Advertisers Face

Ashley Kaczmar | The best way to stay on top of the changes starts with knowing what challenges you face in the digital advertising industry. Find out what they are.... more

Get More Conversions With Retargeting Ads

Madeleine Helme | If you want to boost your online conversion rate and get more traffic to your website, retargeting ads may be the answer.... more

5 Tips for Writing Effective Ad Copy

Madeleine Helme | There is no magic formula for creating perfectly effective ad copy. Nonetheless, there are a few tips for making the most of a small amount of space.... more

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Madeleine Helme | Programmatic advertising is being branded “the future of ad buying,” and marketers everywhere are jumping on board. Read on to find out how it works.... more

How to Combat Ad Fraud

Madeleine Helme | Ad fraud poses a big threat to the digital advertising industry. Follow these tips to help combat ad fraud in digital advertising.... more

Understanding the Different Targeting Types for Digital Advertising

Madeleine Helme | There are a number of different types of targeting to reach your audience. Here are the main targeting types you can focus on for digital advertising.... more

How to Overcome Banner Blindness

Madeleine Helme | Not getting the ROI you want? Try these strategies to overcome banner blindness, and improve the click-through rate of your display advertising.... more

Optimize Display Ad Design with Research

Madeleine Helme | Conducting research into these six areas can inform effective display ad design, helping you improve clicks, conversions and ROI from your banner ads.... more

Ringing in the New Year with Blockchain and Programmatic Advertising

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Last year saw programmatic advertising go through quite a number of growing pains. Now, as we come into the new year, many expect to see programmatic grow past, particularly with the help of blockchain.In this article, Jay Friedman will di... more

What Does Post-Cookie Mean for Advertisers?

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary “First-party ID management is evolving, as the need for consent will intensify over the next year and put pressure on the archaic streak of user data capture and storage,” said Amir Malik, digital marketing head for Accenture. In this... more

Are You Taking Control of Your Co-Op Advertising?

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary For many brands, co-op advertising, also known as wholesale marketing, has long been a black hole, agency and brand executives said. But  with department stores’ retail sales declining , partly due to the rise of Amazon, marketers are d... more

Are Your Video Ad Impressions Being Wasted?

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Some publishers are wasting up to 20 percent of their programmatic video impressions, even though programmatic video ad spend in the U.S. tripled from $3 billion in 2015 to $9 billion in 2017, according to eMarketer. In this article, Ross... more

Level Up Your Programmatic Advertising With These Tips

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary By this point, most advertisers are using programmatic in their campaigns. There are established standards that advertisers use when working with programmatic.However, if you feel like your advertising has plateaued, you may need to shake u... more

Before Transparency Comes Control

Kerry Bianchi | While not exactly a panacea, here are some of the controls that advertisers can leverage as a significant first step toward transparency.... more

The Problem With Full-Service Agencies in Adtech

Sam Goldberg | Can you trust the man who says he can do it all? Sam Goldberg cautions against those types when it comes to the adtech industry in this article.... more

Increase Your Ad's Click-Through Rate And Click On This Article

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary The digital landscape is highly competitive. Getting your ads in front of the right people is only half the battle. You need them to be interested enough to click on it and engage with your brand.In this article, Perry Marshall will give yo... more

Blockchain is On the Horizon for Programmatic

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary You've heard people talk about using blockchain in programmatic advertising repeatedly. And now you might be wondering when it will actually be something you can use.In this article, Yuyu Chen will discuss the current state of blockchain t... more

Bringing TV Advertising into the Future with Programmatic TV

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary The use of programmatic technology has taken place within digital advertising for several years now. Now, its time for TV advertising to use programmatic to reach audiences in a more personalized way.In this article, Allie Shaw will discuss... more

How to Rebuild Trust in the Digital Advertising Industry

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Recently, advertisers have begun to question the worth of digital advertising. The issues with programmatic advertising have built a lot of mistrust between the buyers and sellers of our digital landscape.How do we get that trust back? In t... more

Why Can't We Be Friends? Removing the Silos Between Programmatic and Creative

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary In some marketers' minds, the rise of programmatic has caused conflict. How do you make programmatic and creative work seamlessly together?In this article, Janice Tan will bring some expert views to light and help you understand how to remo... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Michael Nevins

Michael Nevins | Programmatic buying platforms will evolve to better serve the buyers of new formats and to aggregate digital video supply from multiple platforms.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Matt Garrepy

Matt Garrepy | With more than half of today’s digital display ads being purchased programmatically, it’s clear that the future trend is continued growth.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Jeff Chi

Jeff Chi | Programmatic advertising and technology have completely been a game changer for our ad industry. Find out more in this article from MarTechExec.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Kristoffer Nelson

Kristoffer Nelson | We’ll see greater transparency, a shrinking of the middleman market, wide adoption of header bidding, and emergence of blockchain tech.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Darren Easton

Darren Easton | Over the next few years, as the tools to create them become more accessible and easier to use, programmatic will become a more user-friendly platform.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring David Wiesenfield

David Wiesenfield | Display and programmatic advertising will have advancements in these 3 areas. Find out David Wiesenfield's predictions in this article from MarTechExec.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Anudit Vikram

Anudit Vikram | We’ll see better transparency and reduced fraud soon. There’s demand for a resolution and the data and technology is able to build viable solutions.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Rick Abell

Rick Abell | Things are already moving in this direction, but in 3-5 years’ time, we should be in a much more transparent programmatic world.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Christiana Cacciapuoti

Christiana Cacciapuoti | The state of display and programmatic advertising technology evolution will be felt among transparency, over-the-top content (OTT) and data.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Chris Paquette

Chris Paquette | Programmatic is the only way to scale advertising buys to a point where a brand can have effective omnichannel marketing.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Boaz Cohen

Boaz Cohen | Over the next 3-5 years, display and programmatic advertising technology will evolve in many ways. Find out how in this article.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Neil Shapiro

Neil Shapiro | We will see the spread of programmatic buying and selling to emerging channels. Any media that can be digitized will be available programmatically.... more