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Businesses need graphics in their digital marketing strategies to capture the attention of potential and existing customers online. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems streamline marketing strategies by storing digital files in one central location. Many businesses invest in DAM software only to end up disappointed in the results.

Digital Asset Management

Prior to DAM systems, businesses struggled to find the most up-to-date versions of their graphics and logos. DAM software makes it easy for team members to locate, update, and distribute visual content properly.

Signs your DAM process is failing

Not every business has experienced great success with their DAM investment. The investment is too significant for it to not work the right way. Here are 5 signs your DAM process is failing:

Missing deadlines

Marketing success relies on meeting publishing deadlines. If you can’t keep up with internal or outside deadlines, your DAM software isn’t set up properly. Review the software to identify what features you aren’t using or if improvements can be made to the filing system. Graphics are too important to leave behind, and digital marketing deadlines need to be met to create a consistent online presence.

Disappearing graphics

DAM software benefits businesses by keeping graphics in one location. If you can’t find them, the software investment is a waste of money. Make it a point to move graphics from other locations like internal servers to the DAM software for safekeeping. 

Nobody is using it

Whether your employees are housed under the same roof or across state lines, everybody needs to use the software. If they continue to ignore its existence, schedule training to review how to use it and why it benefits their daily responsibilities to get them onboard.

Publishing outdated visuals

You spend a great deal of time creating a strong digital marketing strategy. You can’t afford to ruin your message with outdated or irrelevant graphics. Reinforce the features of DAM software with your team. Schedule training on how to update existing graphics in the software and remove irrelevant ones.

Repeating tedious tasks

You are wasting time if you duplicate tasks throughout the day. Review your daily tasks to make sure you aren’t spending large amounts of time redoing your graphics over and over. This is a common downside to free online storage systems, and happens often when users aren’t properly trained to use the new software.

Change it.

Digital asset management software is too costly to not use properly. Unfortunately, some businesses don't get it right the first time. Review these signs your DAM software is failing and take steps to reverse the negative impact on your business today.