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selected as one of 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech - 2018.

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Women in Martech

To kick off our Women in Martech Series, and to be considered one of 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech - 2018, we asked women to provide their thoughts in three areas: Career, Martech in Practice and Women in Martech.

Women in Martech is a weekly series, beginning in January 2018, based on the thoughts, advice and opinions of real women about marketing and marketing technology.

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Here’s what Deborah Ermiger had to say!

What 3 things do you wish someone would have told you at the onset of your career?

1. The IT side may consider you too “marketing,” and the “marketing side” may consider you too technical.

Understand that going in, and work on cultivating a balanced perception of your strengths and your expertise.

2. Embrace working in the gray space.

You are in a unique position to cultivate deep technical expertise while also flexing your creative skills. It’s an amazing place to be, so be sure to recognize and appreciate the unique opportunity that comes with working in martech.

3. Work-life balance is not something that you should expect on a day-to-day or even week-by-week basis.

There will be times when your work life dominates. There will be other times when other parts of your life dominate. Go easy on yourself.

How has your role changed because of marketing technology?

I began my career in marketing but gravitated toward technical projects. I taught myself HTML and used that knowledge to build websites very early in my career.

I used my marketing skills to promote the digital assets we created, measuring project success and responding quickly and thoroughly to feedback.

Over time, I began leading teams with both marketing and technical team members, moving from marketing to communications to IT departments.

Marketing technology provided me with extraordinary opportunities to cross boundaries and apply my whole self to my work.

What can we do to encourage more women to pursue a career in martech?

We can help more women see themselves in martech. That’s why I decided to participate in this Women in Martech call for submissions.

My current leader and mentor recently told me that he’d really like to see me put myself out there more — not to further my own career necessarily but as an example to other women who may not see a path forward in what sometimes feels like a very male-dominated industry.

We can show up for career day at the local high school and talk about how the job we have today didn’t even exist when we were attending career day in our own high school. We can write to school principals and recommend programs like ‘Hour of Code.’

We can also talk with friends who have stagnated in a career in marketing or communications about the tremendous opportunity in tech.

Other challenges

I think diversity in hiring will continue to be a challenge. Until companies recognize the value of diverse perspectives and how these drive innovation, hiring managers will continue to hire people like themselves.

This sameness is great in areas where efficiency is key, but in martech, innovation is key — And diversity is the fuel of innovation.

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