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Businesses put a lot of stock in marketing to attract and convert new customers. A strong marketing strategy is the best way to grow a business, but the emphasis doesn’t need to strictly be on finding new customers. Customer success marketing is a better way to increase growth and meet long-term business goals.

The idea of "customer success" is the continuation of a customer’s initial experience with your business. It focuses on making customers happy - making sure they're able to fully implement and use the product or service they purchase. When customers are capable of using your offering to its fullest potential, they are more likely to experience business success. Helping customers achieve success creates loyal customers and advocates for your brand.

Here are six ways you can implement a customer success marketing strategy.

Define your dream customer experience

Do you know what your existing customer experience is? If not, go through the process of being a customer. Once you have this information, schedule time with your team to review your findings. Then, brainstorm what you want the customer experience to look and feel like. Gather insight from your team to identify how you can make that happen.

Align your departments

It is common for businesses to align sales and marketing teams. But other departments interact with customers and impact the customer experience. Bring all of your teams together to establish one common goal and vision – the success of your customers. Every department has valuable insight, and more individuals collaborating will generate better ideas for success.

Create valuable resources

Education is the key to full understanding. Create resources like guides, checklists, and training videos that offer value and help your customers. The more they understand and know how to maximize a product or service, the more likely they will buy again.

Organize customer events

Create events exclusively for your customers. Events can be workshops, conferences, or webinars. Invite customers to send team members to learn more about their purchases, how to use them, and tips for better use. Investing in in-person education improves customer success and shows you value your customers’ investment.

Hire a customer success manager

One individual dedicated to managing customer success keeps your team focused on the long-term goal. A customer success manager actively talks to customers and employees to pinpoint implementation hurdles and struggles. And they create solutions to assure future growth.

Create an online community

Online communities are a place customers can visit to start and join conversations with other customers. Make the most of an online community by having team members actively participate and listen to ongoing conversations. Use feedback generated by customers to make your products, services, and onboarding process stronger for future customers.

Creating a customer success-focused marketing strategy creates loyal customers and brand advocates. Businesses benefit from the increased repeat customers and referrals generated. Use these ideas to help add customer success marketing to your growth strategy.