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Instagram is a visual medium, so it’s a really good place to unleash some creativity in your advertising campaigns. Advertisers have the option of creating a photo or video ad to promote their brand, and they need to be able to grab the attention of Instagrammers to gain their engagement. Here are a few tips for creating Instagram ads that will be successful at promoting your brand to the platform’s more than 400 million strong user base.


Instagram ads appear in users’ feeds just like ordinary posts, except that they are marked as sponsored content. So, you want your ads to fit in with the posts surrounding it as much as possible. If it’s obvious that it’s an ad, then Instagram’s savvy users will just scroll past on most occasions. Adopt the form, style and conventions of typical Instagram posts to make your content look native to the platform.


Boring visuals and messages also aren’t going to attract a lot of attention. Try to think of more creative ways to get your message across and grab the attention of users as they scroll down their feeds. Experiment with both photos and videos to find the most effective way to create engagement. Instagrammers love animal and food posts, but they won’t be relevant to a lot of businesses, so do your research into the platform and get creative with how your brand can appeal to the tastes of the platform’s users.


Your visuals should be bold and vibrant in order to attract attention. Create something that stops people in their tracks as they scroll down their feeds. Images that have a clear, single focal point will make it easier for your audience to know what to focus their attention on. Capturing something that is a bit out of the ordinary, something users might not expect to see, is also a good tactic for creating eye-catching visuals.


Creating ads with visuals that are overly staged or over produced could work against you. Most Instagrammers don’t use a huge production budget every time they post a photo or video, so doing this for your ads will make you stand out, and not in a good way. Create visuals that are authentic, that seem like something a regular user would share. This will lead to more attention from your audience as it is something they expect to see on the platform. This doesn’t mean sharing photos and videos that are low quality, however. Instagrammers take pride in what they share and spend time producing posts that will look good online.


Put time into crafting the caption below your ad. Placing too much text over your ad image will detract from the visuals and will also make users more likely to notice that it is an ad. It is better to place your message in the caption. Write something that is creative and even witty to grab your audience’s attention while still putting your message across.

If your target audience is on Instagram, then advertising on the platform is a great way to get more leads for your business. Follow these tips to create Instagram ads that will make your audience pay attention.