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Customers expect seamless experiences with their brands, and to provide them, marketing needs to move away from being a siloed discipline. Katie Wheeler
For marketers to truly be successful they have to consider technology above all else. Without it, we simply can't do our jobs. From automation to CRMS, to analytics, our need for tech is never ending and putting the customer at the center of it all can seem nearly impossible. So how do we ensure these technology integrations are seamless and setting us up for success and not failure when it comes to the customer experience? Katie Wheeler discusses this further and how converging martech and adtech may be the answer in her blog post found on CMS Wire.

Who Should Read This Article

If you work in marketing and have a customer base then you need to read this article.

What You Will Learn

Wheeler discusses why business must take an integrated view of their consumers and their data. She then goes into how the marriage of adtech and martech may be the answer for businesses looking for ways to help their customers win. Finally, she goes into the ways businesses can:

  • Use data to create audiences.
  • Create behavior driven customer profiles.
  • How to get started with an adtech/martech integration.

Take Away

The convergence of martech and adtech has many benefits for business, the biggest being helping you improve your customer experience. Do you think martech and adtech will be the perfect marriage? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us!