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Dynamic Ecommerce Growth Strategies to Adopt in 2018

Lisa Callahan | Summary Does slow and steady really win the race?There's something to be said, of course, about taking the "path often traveled" in business — the traditional route. But the truth is that experimental marketing is what sets ecommerce brands apar... more

Stop, Dropship and Roll: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Dropshipping

Lisa Callahan | Summary The philosophy behind ecommerce pertains to one thing and one thing only: convenience.It should come as no surprise, then, that the shipping of products is of utmost importance to ecommerce marketers. If making things quick and easy for cus... more

Funny Retail Moments that Perfectly Summarize 2017

Lisa Callahan | Summary The retail industry never ceases to "wow" us — even when we think we've seen it all.In this article, Cara Salpini from RetailDIVE lists eight notably funny retail moments that kept us on our toes in 2017. Who Should Read This Article An... more

Affiliate Competition? 8 Ways to Rise Above Your Rivals

Lisa Callahan | Summary Affiliate marketing is a dog-eat-dog world, with both affiliates and their managers constantly looking for the next money-making hack.In this article, Jo Ward from Bizzblocks explains how to deal with affiliate competition using a specific... more

Product Packaging Trends: How We'll Make Store Shelves Gorgeous in 2018

Lisa Callahan | In this article from Creative BBQ, Pam Webber & Martis Lupus list 10 product packaging trends that will dominate shelf space in 2018.... more

From the Window to the Wallet: Why Storefront Graphics Still Work

Lisa Callahan | Summary Can we all agree that brick-and-mortar is far from dead? No doubt are trends like BOPUS and beacons changing the way customers interact with brick-and-mortar. But that simply means that traditional retail methods have to get up to speed.In... more

What's in a Number? A Lot, According to Consumer Psychology

Lisa Callahan | Summary Who cares about "what's in a name" — What matters to marketers is dollars and cents.Psychology shows that pricing isn't simply a calculation based on profits and costs.It's also a marketing tactic in itself.Check out this article from Ken... more

Mobile Commerce Mania Will Continue in 2018

Lisa Callahan | Summary Here's an exciting fact: "By 2020, m-commerce may account for close to half of all  US e-commerce ."That's only two short years away, my fellow martech enthusiasts. And at the rate our field is moving, if we aren't completely up-to-date... more

Millennial Marketing: 7 Must-Haves for Your Ecommerce Store

Lisa Callahan | In this article from Yahoo! News, Rakesh Jain lists seven features your ecommerce store needs if you use millennial marketing.... more

Affiliate Income at an All-Time Low? Use This to Get Ahead Again

Lisa Callahan | Summary Affiliate income has a skewed representation online.Bloggers and influencers galore tout the tactic as a simple and lucrative form of passive income. But adopting this ideology means you run the risk of overestimating your success with affi... more

App Localization Made Easy: Speaking Your Users' Language(s)

Lisa Callahan | Summary Scaling your business to new regions of the world is a huge accomplishment.But it can also present some big challenges due to language barriers.In this article, Silke Glauninger from App Radar talks through the benefits and process of app... more

Through the Martech Looking Glass: Ecommerce à la 2018

Lisa Callahan | Summary I can shamelessly say that we tend to geek out over tools and trends at MarTechExec.And while we would love to know exactly what's around the corner, the truth is that imagining is half the fun.In this article, Max Greenwood from Techvibes... more

Forget the Fluff, Marketers: Here are the Sales Enablement Terms You Really Need to Know

Lisa Callahan | Shepherd gives us a solid-but-simple run down of 12 sales enablement terms, including sales readiness, foundational readiness, sales productivity and more.... more

How to Make Your Retail Store a Foot Traffic Magnet

Lisa Callahan | Summary Bringing customers into brick-and-mortar at any time of year can be a challenge.When the holidays come 'round, it's hard to predict whether you'll see a huge influx in foot traffic or a loss, due to customers buying online.In this article,... more

Going Full-Force with Google Shopping Ads: 7 Pro Tips

Lisa Callahan | Summary Check out this article from Smart Insights for seven tips on creating Google Shopping that grab attention and generate leads. Who Should Read This Article Google Shopping newbies, this is a must-read for you. What You Will Learn Get tip... more

Keep Your Eye on These KPIs (Especially You, Ecommerce Marketers)

Lisa Callahan | Summary In this article from Space48, you'll learn the most important KPIs to watch to measure the success of your ecommerce store. Who Should Read This Article Just starting out with ecommerce analytics? These KPIs will get you on the right path... more

Lucrative Link-Building Tactics for Your Ecommerce Store

Lisa Callahan | Summary Link-building is a staple of good SEO.But ecommerce marketers may often forget that SEO is just as important for them as it is for blogs and non-profit sites.In this article, Joshua Daniels from Search Engine Journal gives us the foundation... more

Taxonomy Time! Here's How Machine Learning Does it Faster and Smarter

Lisa Callahan | Summary Sometimes, the hardest tasks in martech are the most straightforward. Like creating an intuitive, navigable taxonomy.We tend to overthink things like this, which is why logic and reasoning are priceless assets. And it just so happens that m... more

Affiliate Management: Make More Dollars and Cents Using Incentives

Lisa Callahan | Summary Affiliates are, at a certain level, your partners. But on another level, they're also sort of like your employees. They need guidance sometimes — be it in the form of marketing materials or strategic advice.Affiliate management requires a... more

The Ecommerce Trifecta: What Convinces Customers to Buy

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Ayaz Nanji from MarketingProfs explains why three specific content types help to drive conversions in ecommerce.... more

Designing an Environment of Consumer Trust in the Digital Payments Experience

Chris Prescher | With consumer privacy concerns on the rise, how do brands stay trustworthy? Check out this guest post from martech expert Chris Prescher for tips.... more

7 Product Page Features That Will Hook Stray Shoppers

Lisa Callahan | Summary What makes a product page into a conversion machine isn't stylish photos or witty product names.As they say, the devil is in the details. And in ecommerce, especially, details are everything.In this article, Han-Kuo Yang from Virtucom Grou... more

The Disease is Discount Fatigue, and Your Coupons are the Cause

Lisa Callahan | Summary Contrary to what TV jingles and in-store decor may imply, the holidays aren't all "holly jolly" for marketers.The phenomenon known as discount fatigue has an especially brash effect during this time of the year, as our customers shift from... more

Black Friday 2017 Statistics: It's All Uphill From Here

Lisa Callahan | Amy Gesenhues from MarketingLand reviews the online shopping statistics from Black Friday 2017, including revenue and traffic growth compared to 2016.... more

Improve Your Product Pricing Strategy with These Psychology Hacks

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Darian Kovacs from Entrepreneur describes four psychology hacks that will improve your product pricing strategy.... more

Why Epacket Shipping is a Dropshipper's Dream Come True

Lisa Callahan | Summary Dropshipping is the latest craze among ecommerce marketers. Now, epackets are here to make the process even easier than before.Check out this article from Charles Ngo to find out all about epacket shipping, plus why it's a better option for... more

What's Up with Wrist Candy? Wearable Tech Trends for 2018

Lisa Callahan | Summary Wearable tech is more than just a staple for fashion-forward wardrobes.In marketing, wearable tech is a content distribution channel. It's the Internet of Things (IoT).And somehow, we marketers haven't ruined it yet.In this article, Jessic... more

Neural Networks Will Soon be the Brains Behind Ecommerce Marketing

Lisa Callahan | Summary Let's take a minute to nerd out over neural networks, shall we?You don't need a PhD to appreciate — or even understand — how monumental neural networks will be for marketers. In ecommerce specifically, these super-smart extensions of AI... more

Cryptocurrency in Context: 4 Real-World Applications to Note

Lisa Callahan | Summary Up until (very) recently, "cryptocurrency" was a concept reserved for high-tech blogs and "Mr. Robot" episodes.But thanks to some savvy entrepreneurs, that's about to change.In this article, Jonathan Long from Entrepreneur describes four wa... more

X Markets the Spot: What Ecommerce Marketers Miss

Lisa Callahan | Summary Although e-commerce is inherently virtual, customers interact with an e-commerce store in other ways that extend beyond the digital realm. Can't argue with that.In this article, Helen Scott from MarketingProfs clues us in on what our detai... more

Your Sales Demos Will be 9X Better with These 9 Tricks

Lisa Callahan | Summary Sales demos aren't about "wining and dining" target customers.Rather, a good sales demo is built on a solid strategy that takes account of the customers wants, needs and expectations.In this article, Chris Orlob from Hubspot reviews study r... more

Is the Retail Apocalypse Real? 11 Data Visualizations Suggest it Might Be

Lisa Callahan | Summary There's been an ongoing tug-of-war between those who say the retail apocalypse is an imminent threat......and those who say it's all just hype.Though we might never have a concrete answer to whether the retail apocalypse is indeed upon us,... more

Low-Cost Marketing Tactics that Help You Bring Home the Bacon

Lisa Callahan | Summary No marketing money? No excuses, marketers.Plenty of startup owners have bootstrapped their way to awesome businesses simply by being resourceful. Even a small change, like adding PayPal functionality to your online checkout, can make a huge... more

Ecommerce Marketing: A Guide for Reaching Today’s Customer

Ashley Kaczmar | Undeniably, the customer journey now starts and often finishes online. Ecommerce marketing is now more critical than ever.... more

Channeling Change: 5 Ways to Help Your Channel Partner Sell Better

Lisa Callahan | Check out this article from Salesforce and learn how to improve your channel partner relationship to increase efficiency.... more

These Affiliate Marketing Trends Might Just Take Over the World

Lisa Callahan | Summary Affiliate marketing, according to Marketing Week 's Robert Davison, is "uniquely unique."Not only does it span just about every industry, but its execution can also be vastly different from one program to the next. In other words, affiliate... more

3 Affiliate Marketing Myths Standing in the Way of Your Success

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Justine Grey from A Better Lemonade Stand strikes down the most common myths about affiliate marketing programs.... more

Must-Know Rules for Providing an Unforgettable Retail Experience

Lisa Callahan | Summary There's no excuse for bad customer service.No matter how small your team or your budget, you can make slight improvements that will add up to a hugely positive change over time.In this article, MarketingProfs presents the three ways to give... more

Expert Opinion: Ecommerce Marketing featuring Seth Worby

Seth Worby | Read up on what ecommerce marketing expert Seth Worby predicts will happen as marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Ecommerce Marketing featuring Susan Marshall

Susan Marshall | Read up on what ecommerce marketing expert Susan Marshall predicts will happen as marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more