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Martech. It powers much of, if not everything, we do. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to distinguish where the marketer ends and the technology begins.

Due largely to marketing tech and social media, modern marketing is nearly indistinguishable from the marketing of even ten years ago.

This got us thinking about whether marketing even exists without technology.

And we wondered where the experts weighed in on the matter. So we asked them. Here are their thoughts on the following question:

In your opinion, does marketing exist without technology today?

Their takeaways?

    • Marketing exists without tech — don’t forget your roots
    • Marketing exists without technology but tech is a key fuel
    • Thanks to tech, marketing will never be the same again

Marketing exists without tech — don’t forget your roots

“In today's world smart use of technology can massively improve the results of your marketing efforts. But without an understanding of what marketing is about, you may look like one of those auto-DM senders on my twitter who think sending me a link to their book, software or product is smart and automated marketing.”

Syed Irfan Ajmal, Entrepreneur, Marketing and PR Consultant, Author and Speaker

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“At the end of the day, the marketing done using technology are still using the same concepts from back in the day. We just have so much more channels now.”

Dennis Seymour, Co-Founder at LeapFroggr Inc

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“We've found in our business that still one of the greatest ways our company grows is from word of mouth.”

Nathan Chan, CEO at Foundr Magazine

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“Absolutely, marketing exists without technology…

Small businesses or those launching a new product or service might find themselves focused on guerilla marketing techniques. In those cases, highly personalized communications and intimate interactions are highly effective, and mostly technology free. For example, at small scale a simple spreadsheet might be sufficient to manage your database.”

Samantha Stone,  Founder & CMO at The Marketing Advisory Network

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“Marketing has always been about human connection. Customers want to know the story behind the brand. Successful companies establish a meaningful relationship with their customers to build brand loyalty and trust.

Technology can be used to assist in this process but it can’t replace the human touch. The stand out businesses are those that value human relationships and use technology to enhance the human relationship rather than replace it.”

Sandra Giffin, Co-Founder at MondoPlayer

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Marketing exists without technology but tech is a key fuel

“Technology is woven into the fabric of our lives and every facet of business today. As marketers, we choose the most effective tools, techniques and channels to convey our message, so we better make sure to take advantage of everything that is available to us.”

Jens Marut, Founder & CEO at Ovark

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“A marketing strategy that doesn't include technology wouldn't be capable of monitoring the success or failure of the campaign and without technology how would you communicate your marketing message?”

Bonnie Sainsbury, Founder & CEO at Social Media Smarter

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“Technology is a means not a goal. Probably the most important part of marketing is the product itself – that matters much more than how good you are at tracking conversions, sharing on social media or optimizing spend.

Once you've got that right, the next step is great content to help your customer make the most out of your product. Once you have those two, technology is how you get the word out in the most efficient way.”

Ziv Eliraz, CEO at Infolinks

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“The Internet is so integral to all marketing efforts now that any effort to market without technology is at best missing a huge opportunity and at worst is fundamentally flawed.

Of course. There are businesses that run from flyers and phone numbers but any serious company has a website and is on the pathway to a more technologically advanced marketing platform."

Marcus Miller, Head of SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing at Bowler Hat

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“Marketing covers any type of communication in any medium with the goal of creating a transaction. It is certainly not limited to any type of technology.

That being said, in the new age of technology, you must adapt in order to compete, with so many new ways of communicating it is important to learn, adapt and understand your audience.”

Eder Holguin, CEO at OneQube

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“People do business with those they know, like and trust and technology can help us tremendously in this aspect.”

Dennis Koutoudis, Founder & CEO at LinkedSuperPowers

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Thanks to tech, marketing will never be the same again

“Technology has irretrievably changed the way companies communicate with prospects, switching from one-way mass-marketing blasting to two-way communication and focused targeting. Successful companies are focusing on providing the right, helpful, and valuable content to the right people at the right time, and technology is making it all possible.”

Maja Jaredic, Marketing Director at Flight Media

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“With technology playing a vital role in almost all the facets of the marketing, we accept it or not but: ‘Marketing without technology is not marketing at all.’

From creating a mockup to a full-fledged campaign, from integrating various systems via APIs to generate more leads to using advanced marketing automation to make the ‘lead to customer’ journey seamless, marketing and technology go hand in hand at every step."

Colin Klinkert, Owner & Entrepreneur at www.platform.ly

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