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When you see Scott Brinker's martech landscape it is easy to get overwhelmed, and even easier to get shiny object syndrome. This often compels us to buy technology that we don't need simply because it is at our disposal, new and on trend. However, doing this is a giant mistake, as tech should be the last thing on the list, not the first. This means marketers need to consider their strategy before ever looking at solutions. Noreen Seebacher shares why in her blog post found on SiteCore.

Who Should Read This Article

If you are thinking about adding a martech solution to your marketing stack but don't have a good strategy in place. Check out this article to see why you may want to take a step back.

What You Will Learn

Seebacher shares why people care so much about martech before diving into what you can do to make better sense of it all. She says to do things like:

  • Find ways to gain better insight into the data and analytics side of martech.
  • Keep your focus on an audience of one.
  • Be sure to measure ROI.
She then goes into questions you need to ask yourself before making the investment.

Take Away

When it comes to martech it's important to not jump into things. Take your time to create a good marketing strategy before ever pulling the trigger on new technology. Did you create your strategy before buying into martech? What were your most important considerations?