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This year, Scott Brinker's martech landscape graphic included more than 5,000 companies listed. For all we know, next year, it could have 5 million. One thing's for certain, though: martech is growing really, really fast. So how are you supposed to know if you have an optimal martech stack when there are so many solutions out there? Jim Yu is here with some pointers on making sure your martech stack can stack up.

Who Should Read This Article

Are you a marketing exec? In charge of deciding what tech to go with? Read this!

What You Will Learn

This article will help you examine your martech stack by covering:

  • How to get a holistic view of the landscape
  • The importance of using data as a point of truth
  • How to prioritize technology that integrates

Take Away

Following some simple principles can make sure your marketing stack is all it can be, no matter how many solutions are out there. Have you examined your marketing stack? Did the results surprise you?