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45 Tips and Tricks from Marketers In-the-Know

Pranksters have been rejoicing in the hoodwinks of April Fools' Day for centuries.

There are several origin stories about why exactly so many cultures have made a tradition out of harmless pranking on April 1.  The most popular claims credit the moving from the Julian calendar, which began the year on March 25, to the Gregorian calendar, which began the year on April 1.

Those who had not heard the news or could be tricked into believing that April 1 was still the proper day to celebrate the new year were considered “fools."

Today, April Fools' Day is much more than just a day to poke fun and play jokes. Brands from McDonald's to BMW to Ikea now embrace April Fools' Day as an opportunity for playfulness...and PR.

Here are some of the top brand hoaxes over the last few years, courtesy of AdWeek:

If you're all joked out from April Fools’ yesterday, we feel ya. That's why we’re taking a new approach this year — We’re not going to pity the fool, but instead arm marketers with tools. We asked the MarTechExec community to share their most effective marketing tricks, tips and hacks. Here are our favorites.

Advertising & promotion

1. Import your email lists when retargeting ads.

Andrea Atkins, Marketing Evangelist at Revere.AI (read Andrea’s full hack)

2. Use mail merge tools for outreach to similar brands.

Izaak Crook, Digital Marketing Executive at App Institute (read Izaak's full hack)


3. Have several versions of your elevator pitch on hand.

Harrison Doan, Director of Analytics at Saatva (read Harrison's full hack)


4. Use Gmail canned responses + custom placeholders for PR outreach.

Megan Marrs, Senior Editor at K9 of Mine (read Megan's full hack)

Content & experience

5. Pitch the up-and-comer platforms for a competitive edge.

Darwyn Metzger, Chief Executive Officer at Phantom Firm (read Darwyn's full hack)


6. Use a CMS that is easy to edit and modify.

Sean Allan, Digital Marketing Manager at Aware Corporation Ltd. (read Sean's full hack)


7. Use Google search to get content ideas.

Robin Waite, Author & Business Coach at RobinWaite.com (read Robin's full hack)


8. Use your RSS feed in conjunction with an automation tool.

Sean Nichols, Marketing Manager at SiteVisibility (read Sean's full hack)


9. Set up alerts for specific keywords that pop up online.

Sydni Williams-Shaw, Manager of Integrated Marketing at Swimlane (read Sydni's full hack)


10. Use Google Search Console to diagnose SEO issues on your site.

Jason Scott, Digital Marketing Specialist at Archway Cards Ltd (read Jason's full hack)


11. Do a DIY A/B test by sending emails of various lengths and tones.

Serena Holmes, President & Chief Executive Officer at Tigris Events (read Serena's full hack)


12. Use video/audio recording + transcription for pain-free content creation.

Evan Roberts, Lead Marketer at Dependable Homebuyers (read Evan's full hack)


13. Set a 10-minute timer and brainstorm blog post titles.

Gail Gregerson, Manager of Marketing at RingPartner (read Gail's full hack)


14. Use Facebook to auto-generate captions using voice technology.

Tim Petree, Founder at Be Media Savvy (read Tim's full hack)


15. Refresh old blog content with updated stats and facts.

Angela Earl, President at Haatzama Marketing (read Angela's full hack)


Commerce & sales

16. Use Amazon to track the success of your price drops.

David Mercer, Founder at SME Pals (read David's full hack)


17. Use templates for lead nurturing.

Alicia Williams, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Aliste Marketing (read Alicia's full hack)


18. Get strategic with your LinkedIn headline to attract prospects.

David Vallance, Head of Content at LeaseFetcher (read David's full hack)


19. Automate thank you notes to send to clients.

Dennis Kelly, Chief Executive Officer at Postalytics (read Dennis' full hack)


20. Send small gifts to your customers or clients to thank them for their business.

Gene Caballero, Co-Founder at GreenPal (read Gene's full hack)


21. Use hunter.io to get straight to your target’s inbox.

Ryan Eldridge, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at Squirrel Digital Marketing (read Ryan's full hack)


22. Use Google Sheets add-ons to clean up your data.

Izaak Crook, Digital Marketing Executive at App Institute (read Izaak's full hack)



23. Use Google Sheets + vlookup to keep your keywords list clean.

Adam Thompson, SEO/PPC Manager at Comodo SSL Store (read Adam's full hack)


24. Use Excel + Facebook Ads Manager to parse client campaign data.

Thalia Chance-Chin, Digital Media Manager at Chacka Marketing (read Thalia's full hack)


25. Use Google Slides + Sheets to automate data reports.

Garrett Carty, Digital Marketing Associate at Blue Compass (read Garrett's full hack)


26. Do your own informal, face-to-face client research.

Paige Arnoff-Fenn, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Mavens & Moguls (read Paige's full hack)


27. Conduct your own client research using LinkedIn.

Jered Martin, Chief Operating Officer at OnePitch (read Jered's full hack)


28. Keep tabs on your competitors' website traffic and popular content.

Lara Russo, Digital & Social Media Marketing Specialist at Octoboard (read Lara's full hack)



29. Use a scatter plot to prioritize your to-do list.

Kevin Namaky, Founder at Gurulocity (read Kevin's full hack)


30. Always be open to free alternatives to tools, because there’s plenty.

Tom Geiser, Marketing Communications & Digital Senior Executive (read Tom's full hack)


31. Take time to really learn the tools you already have.

Jennifer Worsham, Director of Marketing & Client Relations at LeadLiaison (read Jennifer's full hack)


32. Outsource work where you can.

Alex Andrade-Walz, Head of Marketing at Spatially (read Alex's full hack)


33. Try using a Kanban board to replace a limiting content calendar.

Alex Novkov, Content Lead at Kanbanize (read Alex's full hack)


34. Create templates for easy project and workflow management.

Kendall Brennan, SEO Account Manager at Power Digital Marketing (read Kendall's full hack)


35. Use a calendar app as your virtual assistant.

Justine Beauregard, Owner & Founder at Mirelle Marketing (read Justine's full hack)


36. Take advantage of rules in your email app for simpler sorting.

Thalia Chance-Chin, Digital Media Manager at Chacka Marketing (read Thalia's full hack)


37. Use all-in-one tools if you’re on a strict budget.

Kristi Bjornaas, Director of Marketing at ReachForce (read Kristi's full hack)


38. Use Google Calendar + Zapier to keep track of client work.

Scott Bishop, Founder at Up And Social (read Scott's full hack)


39. Use Calendly with your email calendar to schedule meetings.

Christopher Antonopoulos, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Measured Results Marketing (read Christopher's full hack)


Social & relationships

40. Use IFTTT to keep content promo flowing.

Sean Nichols, Marketing Manager at SiteVisibility (read Sean's full hack)


41. Use IFTTT to keep track of thought leaders’ content so you can engage with it.

Marcus Miller, SEO & Digital Marketing Strategist at Bowler Hat (read Marcus' full hack)


42. Reach out to influencers with small/medium followings for niche marketing.

Gregory Golinski, Digital Marketing Specialist at YourParkingSpace (read Gregory's full hack)


43. Use Twitter autoresponders to engage with new followers.

Kim McCumber, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Floodlight Training & Consulting (read Kim's full hack)


44. Use live chat for more effective customer service.

Jesse Harrison, Chief Executive Officer at Employee Justice Legal Team (read Jesse's full hack)


45. Join group boards + automate Pins to increase following.

Stacy Caprio, Founder at Accelerated Growth Marketing (read Stacy's full hack)