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Humanizing a brand and the people behind that brand is truly as important as all the marketing technology. Tracy Wehringer
We live in a technology driven world. We use it for everything from communicating with loved ones, to feeding our dogs. And this is no different in the business world. But is all of this tech moving us toward a less human experience? This is what Tracy Wehringer discusses in her article on Forbes while giving businesses a few ways to bring a human touch to a martech world.

Who Should Read This Article

Are you looking for ways to make your brand more human and less robot? If so give this article a read.

What You Will Learn

Wehringer shares her take on the new martech world we live in and how marketers can work to stay in what she calls a "Day 1" mindset. To do this she believes we need to find ways to humanize our brands by doing things like:

  • Highlighting the team.
  • Creating fun real-life images of the team.
  • Highlighting your team's relatable side.
  • Profiling them on your blog.
  • Showcasing their thought leadership.
and more!

Take Away

As the world begins to revolve around and rely on more technologies, businesses need to be sure to humanize their brands. Are you a company owner? What steps to do you take to add a human element to your marketing?