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What's in a Measurement? How to Measure Your PR

Ashley Kaczmar | When people think of public relations, they probably don't think about sales as well. But, they should be. Public relations can play a big part in sales.... more

Need a Map to Programmatic Paradise? We've Got One Here

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Is This Real Life or Is It Fantasy Demand-Side Platforms?

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Amazon Enters the Ad Business: Are You Ready?

Ashley Kaczmar | "Today an e-commerce site, tomorrow the world!" What's part of that world? Why, digital advertising, of course. So that's where Amazon is heading.... more

Display Advertising is Getting the Shake-Up From Apple

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"Alexa, What Products Do You Recommend?"

Ashley Kaczmar | We've been talking a lot about how the age of voice search is upon us, but are we talking about how those voice searches work? ... more

Where is Programmatic Advertising Headed?

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Hey B2B Marketers, Are You Making These Paid Search Mistakes?

Ashley Kaczmar | If you work in B2B marketing, you might not be used to handling paid search campaigns. However, they're still crucial to your marketing.... more

Advertising Value Equivalency is Going Out of Style

Ashley Kaczmar | Do you still use AVEs? Some might, but it's time to recognize the death of this system. This article will explain why it's time to let go of the AVE. ... more

Why Are Things So Rocky for Mobile Advertising?

Ashley Kaczmar | Mobile advertising can't survive on mobile game ads alone anymore. And that's led to a shift in the industry. Find out more in this article.... more