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Also a great time to work on your skillset

Ricardo Solindro | The slow period is also a great time to reevaluate yourself, your work, and take time to improve your skillset. We should never get complacent about our abilities and should be constantly learning new things. See the summer as an opportunit... more

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Referral programs

Ricardo Solindro | While all of the methods proposed above are useful and should be used to some extent, I think by far the most effective way is through referral programs. Getting customers (who are already using your service) to market it for you is the best way to g... more

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Ricardo Solindro | You're absolutely correct. The research that goes into the prep work before actually engaging a potential client is an essential piece of the puzzle. I think it's also something that's very often overlooked as well. There is so much focus on what to... more

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Referral Marketing for Local Businesses

Madeleine Helme | Try out these three ideas to start spreading positive word of mouth and get more customers through referral marketing for local businesses.... more