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Curiosity about pricing

Rebs Amazon | I'm curious about choosing a cloud vendor in regards to price. How acceptable is it to want to work down costs by negotiation? In my limited experienes there seem to be a set "menu" of service options with very little wiggle room for negotiation. Wha... more

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Women power!

Rebs Amazon | I found it empowering that one of the major messages of this post/article was that successful businesswomen are those that break free of the self-doubting, self-loathing image. Women can be powerful! Women ARE powerful. It's time to have confidence i... more

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Reaching out to others for help

Rebs Amazon | I'm curious whether it is wise to look upon past vendor relationships in order to make an educated decision when selecting a vendor. Obviously you want to look at business ratings, but how does everyone feel about reaching out directly to past client... more

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QR Codes

Rebs Amazon | Love the points you bring up here, but I think you can do more. I think we often get hung up on making ourselves responsible for counting how many folks come into a brick and mortar store. What's important to realize is that we can put that accountab... more

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Please expand on your thoughts here!

Rebs Amazon | I wish you would have touched more upon the actual SEO myths in the body of your post. I've found that SEO is confusing to many people simply because they don't understand how various searches relate to each other and that multiple users can have var... more

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Additional tips?

Rebs Amazon | I enjoyed reading this article because it really did highlight the key various ways of improving Amazon listings for optimal sales. Hoewver, one thing it did not point out was that in listing items on Amazon, you are also competing with other listers... more

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Print Advertising for Media Campaigns--Does Anybody Read it

Rebs Amazon | Great points presented in this article, but the fact of the matter is that very few people rely solely on print marketing and advertsiing for any kind of campaign, be it a marketing campaign or a presidential campaign! For effective print a... more

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Print Marketing is still working--but we can add to it

Rebs Amazon | The ideas prsented in this article are fantastic, but can we branch out? The author presented several basic, mildly archaic ideas (no harm to that!). I just wonder how we can increase opportunities using print marketing by incorporating things like Q... more

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Great ideas here--but cost effective?

Rebs Amazon | I love the ideas you present here but I wonder how to go about these without it becoming cost prohibitive. It seems that this option would require quite a bit of legwork and manpower in terms of keeping track of phone numbers, site visits, etc. Any i... more

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How to Optimize Amazon Listings

Madeleine Helme | You need to optimize Amazon listings to allow people to discover it when they search for related keywords.Try making some tweaks based on our advice.... more