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I don't what I'd do without social media advertising.

Pamela Dunn | Especially my Tumblr and Facebook accounts. My online store and products are connected directly to them and the generation of good customers and unique business is outstanding. Nevermind all the other click bait opportunities. One size fits all, and... more

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It works to be a multi~tasker

Pamela Dunn | If you have a short attention span then it does no good to try to multi-task. Focusing on one thing is one thing but focusing on a few or several is a totally different scene. With so many options on the internet it is difficult to maintain focus on... more

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I use link building for my Business

Pamela Dunn | I agree with you here, Kathi. Link building is incredibly important if you are looking to bring more visitors to your site. In the past, my team has almost exclusively relied on backlinking. To be honest, I have never thought about the bene... more

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Scott Willis | Chatbots are an impressive tool already and have a lot of potential with future technological developments. But what else besides what is included on the list can chatbots be used for? What is the real future of the technology? more

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The Future of Focus: Will AI Make Us Less Attentive?

Lisa Callahan | Struggling to stay focused at work? Keep reading to find out why big data may be to blame (Or, at least, why you can try to convince yourself of that).... more