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Consistent Customer Service

Niya Dairo | In addition to trust, it's also important for customers to have consistency between all the employees they interact with. You have to be friendly, knowledge, and loyal on every single call. There must be some level of camaradarie between em... more

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Utilize live chat

Niya Dairo | Lots of customers prefer to chat with someone online rather than calling a business, especially if they are already on your website to make a purchase. Any business running a website or mobile app should make a solid investment into the sof... more

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Loyal customers reaction

Niya Dairo | Coming from the loyal customer's side of things, I feel this article is missing something. I don't think the article points out that most loyal customers just want to be known and heard. You can throw incentives at them all day long but let... more

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Be a Better Buyer: Tips for Buying Live Chat Software

Kathi Furman | Customers want answers to their questions instantly. So many marketers are buying live chat software to make this happen. So how do you pick the right one?... more