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Email Marketing Success

Rashaad Dukes | I agree completely with this. I think you should try and market to as many as possible but put alot of the time if not the all of it into trying to please the people who actually care. You should know all your potential buyers and their likes and dis... more

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How to get Content Marketing Success

Rashaad Dukes | I agree, Content Marketing is becoming the norm for many nowadays. I think that in order to set yourself apart from everyone, you have to strive to make meaningful connections in addition to utilizing all the tools at your disposal, especia... more

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Takeaways from this article

Rashaad Dukes | Really fun article. The inclusion of the attractive slideshow and funny gifs really reinforce a lot of what these experts have said about the importance of creating good content and knowing your audience, which is definitely easier said tha... more

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What the right way to sell is

Rashaad Dukes | I believe this is correct. The biggest thing is communication between you and your team and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. I think its important that every one know's what their individual role is on the team. Then you can dete... more

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What's good about content marketing?

Rashaad Dukes | I love the direction content marketing is heading. I think video is reshaping content marketing because of how widespread youtube has become. With youtube, you have the ability to reach massive amounts of people from all over the world. How... more

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Google Ads Likes and Dislikes

Rashaad Dukes | I love a lot of the new stuff in google ads. I think google ads is amazing for people trying to start a small buisness because it's easy for them to get themselves out there. The new stuff that was added made that even easier. I love how simple Googl... more

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What trends could reshape content marketing? Find out what the experts say.

Lana K. Moore | It’s impossible to predict without fail what the future holds. But, to get a better idea of what's next for content marketing, we asked the experts.... more