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Lean and mean

Nathen Cuthbert | All good leaders and managers should be right there with their team; always encouraging and sharing the efforts while still maintaining their role and accepting responsibilty for results. Good leaders must never be afraid to make difficult... more

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It has to be right

Nathen Cuthbert | I see too many product launches rushed to get to market in an attempt to beat out unknown competition. The result? An unfinished product not properly tested and a disater in customer confidence with your brand. You only get one chance to do... more

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Speeding up the system

Nathen Cuthbert | I couldn't agree more with author, especially the paragraph on speeding up the recruitment process. As both an employer and former employee, there is nothing more that rankles than the snail pace of getting someone onboarded. Endless interv... more

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Using Freelancers

Nathen Cuthbert | Does anyone else use freelance services for their infographics and other graphic content? I have found that fiverr is really good for cheap but high quality infographics. I think that the most important thing for any small business is to st... more

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Tips for beginners

Nathen Cuthbert | As a new starter trying to develop a small e commerce site, does anyone have any tips for the most important metrics to follow ? There is so much data and information, it gets rather overwhelming and can swallow time perhaps better spent working on m... more

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Slightly Harsh

Nathen Cuthbert | I think simply dismissing the merits of split testing is slightly harsh. Surely there are caveats to this, especially for new sites and even new marketers entering the business. All basic guides to people starting out rave emphatically about the meri... more

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Getting Analytical with Google Analytics

Madeleine Helme | Google Analytics allows you to measure a huge array of statistics related to the performance of your site and the activity of its users.... more