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I love data science

Mia Kristensen | I also think it's a huge mistake to think just anybody can learn to do it themselves. It's very easy to do badly. Yes, I know there are free online classes and resources, I actually took one of those and that's partially what convinced me that even w... more

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Expert opinion

Mia Kristensen | This is a slide show so maybe that's why it reads a little incomplete? Anyway, definitely agree with the premise of this. Age and gender is very very lacking and it becomes obvious if you just look at your own social media. Lots and lots of bad targe... more

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Switching vendors

Mia Kristensen | So true. People get so caught up in the sunk cost fallacy and not wanting to deal with picking new vendors, and of course it's true that you know what you have but not what you get... one bird in the hand, and so on. But so often we let it go on far... more

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Remote team recruiting

Mia Kristensen | Obviously you want to ask the right questions...I'd like to read more about what those questions are though. I've only ever dealt with remote employees who started out as regular local in office employees and it's different for sure. I'm not convince... more

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Good principles, cool graphics!

Mia Kristensen | The content of this article is solid but I mostly just wanted to point out how much I loved the infographics and visualizations in this article (the full version). They really drive the point home and the semi-circular version from Cisco is great, I'... more

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How to sort through the options?

Mia Kristensen | Like this article states if there are hundreds, or thousands of providers, how do you possibly figure out which ones are good? Or even legitimate? This lists some important traits of a good company but I'm lacking a good way to "sift" to find them. I... more

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Programmatic first?

Mia Kristensen | I know it's a big buzzword but I'm not sure that I understand what programmatic first really means here. Are they talking about integrating apps with other modes, or the video itself? Do the apps themselves always include and lead to more data? I kee... more

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Signs It's Time to Switch Vendors

Kathi Furman | Sometimes, businesses continue to utilize their bad vendor services. Here are six signs to help you identify when it’s time to switch vendors.... more