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Advice and Knowledge From Google

Matthew Witham | The wisdom that a person can gain from being on the internet, specifically Google, is limitless. In our modern times, if you desire to learn about a subject, or person, then you can simply search for it using keywords on google. All of this immediate... more

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Selling a Personality

Matthew Witham | In our age of media, and the internet, selling products have been taking a whole new approach. Based on this article it seems that rather than purely selling a product, you are selling your personality, and the appraisal of others. In this article th... more

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The Art of War In Relation to the Digital Age

Matthew Witham | Perhaps the most interesting topic in this article would be the knowledge that competitors can gain about each other simply based off of their public social media pages. If a company does not keep up with the times, they risk loss. However, when a bu... more

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Learnings From the Art of War in the Age of Digital

Kartikey Bhargava | For any business attempting to forge a path in today’s competitive market place, getting the right marketing and growth strategy in place is key.... more