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Nice visuals

Lisa Bradley | Having the visuals and graphics in this article really helped to bring some structure and clarity into my marketing stack. Because there are so many different martech tools and solutions, it's easy for marketers to feel overwhelmed. This ar... more

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Email Marketing

Lisa Bradley | The people I know in the entertainment industry who use email marketing tactics in combination with click funnels and data collection are doing really well. Email marketing and maintaining email lists even helps boost performance on the socials. Ofte... more

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Enjoyed the concept of "meaningful relationship moment"

Lisa Bradley | This really helped me understand the relationship between the audience and content. The "meaningful relationship moment" concept was new to me and will help frame the context of my future posts. I currently use Hootsuite and have also learned a lot a... more

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Cleaning House: How to Audit Your Martech Stack

John Shieldsmith | Your martech stack is never done. It needs to be refined at all times, otherwise you could be using inferior tools. It's time to clean house.... more