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PayPal is great

Lauren Barn | For me, I love an easy check out for my purchases. This is why I appreciate when sites allow you to pay using Paypal at check out. I can just sign in and I am done. No need to input my card information or complete a form. This is why I am s... more

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How to increase foot traffic

Lauren Barn | I have wondered how to increase foot traffic, whether it is online or to our company locations. I agree that data analytics is a tool that could help. But when it comes to specific industries every one will have different analytics they nee... more

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Very accurate article

Lauren Barn | I have had issues talking with clients about money when they stated several times that my hourly rate is too high. I think that often times clients do not understand why you cost a certain amount of money. If you can communicate this with... more

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Steps to Take to Recover Abandoned Online Shopping Carts

Madeleine Helme | It’s scary to think that you could be losing 7 out of 10 customers online, so try these methods to recover abandoned online shopping carts.... more