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Getting a Competitive Edge Through Sales Pipeline Benchmarks

Julia Green | This article is great! I didn't know many of the tips. Analyzing the others and asking why they are the best is so simple and important. You really start to think about the things you should be improving on in your business. When you own a... more

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Commerce and Sales Statistics

Julia Green | Those statistics are incredible. I didn't know many of them. I was very surprising to learn that parents spend 61% more online than non-parents ($1,071 vs. $664). I had never thought of that correlation before. The other stats are very help... more

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Conversational Commerce

Julia Green | Great article! I didn't know about this new kind of feature and I think this is very promising. It's so much easier when you can talk with someone who knows about the product and can help you through the process of purchasing. Amazing! more

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Julia Green | Agreed, cool ariticle. I think everyone who has been in marketing for a while is guilty of treating content poorly. It's so easy to push completed projects to the back of the mind when you have so many others to focus on. But you guys are r... more

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Julia Green | I have a young e-commerce website that hasn't been producing as much revenue as I anticipated. We are still fairly new and gaining traction but our numbers just aren't where I think they should be. I wish I would have read this article befo... more

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The struggle for marketers to prove our worth is real

Lisa Callahan | Hive9 partnered up with a few other people, and they got some interesting data from a big study of 400+ marketers (both B2B and B2C). Here are a few interesting highlights: 68% of participants indicated that the pressure continues to increase for... more

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How is Conversational Commerce Changing the Way We Buy and Sell?

Madeleine Helme | Conversational commerce is well on its way. Start thinking about how you can implement conversational commerce in your business.... more