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Heed those online reviews!

JONTY HART SHARP | I seldom make a purchase of any kind without first looking at online reviews. I agree that one bad review won't necessarily kill a business, but with online reviews of products/services today’s norm, it pays to take notice of how you are coming... more

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Good Advice on Instragram Usage

JONTY HART SHARP | I think your point about being sure not to overload Instagram with useless posts is an important one. So often people post for the sake of posting without a clear strategy as to what they are trying to achieve on the platform. Instagram can be a fant... more

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Excellent Advice!

JONTY HART SHARP | The tips and tricks described in this article are so on point.  Having been to more than my fair share of financial results meetings, I know when too much information on a slide can hinder rather than help your messaging.  I would also add... more

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Purchasing Power: The Importance of Online Reviews

Kathi Furman | Today, 90% of individuals say online reviews impact their purchase decisions. So the importance of online reviews shouldn't be lost on businesses.... more