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Sending the perfect email

Heather Nelson | The article stated that the best time and day to send your email depends on your goal, audience, and industry. This I believe is very true. Think of yourself on a Monday morning at work your goal is to eliminate all the clutter from last we... more

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learning from your mistakes

Heather Nelson | Learning from experience is a great lesson to learn. I feel that sharing your story of learning from failure will not only teach others about what you did that did not work but how to learn from the mistakes make the necessary changes and move on to... more

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interactive media

Heather Nelson | I love your ideas on ways to generate interactive advertisements. I feel that many consumers do avoid the regular ads and banners because they get used to seeing the same old thing every day. People who frequent social media several times a... more

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Live Chat

Heather Nelson | Live chat is becoming an increasingly popular tool for a variety of different websites but it is espeicially important for websites dealing in ecommerce. Customers want instant feedback during their shopping experience online, just like how... more

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Social Media

Heather Nelson | It is very important to know your target audience before you choose a social media platform to advertise on, or else you risk completely wasting your time and budget. It's not just the sites themselves that are constantly changing, it's the... more

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Heather Nelson | Your ideas on how to increase webinar attendance are great. I think that it is important to sent out reminders. It is so easy for people to get busy and miss a start time. I like the email reminders, but also you could offer them in conjunc... more

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Text vs Live-Chat

Heather Nelson | That is a great topic of discussion. I can see and agree with your advantages and disadvantages. I am personally a fan of texting. It is easy and on the go. But I have used live chat often as a consumer and it is nice to be able to explain and intera... more

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Social Media is so important!

Heather Nelson | I loved your ideas on building your Instagram following. I see a lot of people who are constantly posting but do not have the huge following. I like your ideas of teaching and providing valuable information once a day everyday rather that p... more

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Tracking direct mail

Heather Nelson | These ideas are really interesting. I agree with Madeleine that it is much more difficult to track offline marketing activity than online. This has actually been a struggle for my team as of late. I like that there are different options inc... more

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How to boost your facebook page

David House | Facebook is a huge market for affiliated products and if you are planning to start a business related to facebook marketing then it is indeed a great idea.Some suggestions might be – 1. Join the groups related to your product and try to find yo... more