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Useful tips

Eve A | I really believe in the power of email marketing. I believe it is the best way to get your business right in front of your target customer. Not only is it like an interpersonal form of communication, it can be tailored to suit every target. I have co... more

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Eve A | True. The elevator pitch can never be old school. It really helps a marketer put many ideas into one simple workable plan and sets you in motion. It really helped me with finding the best approach to answering questions given in my assignments while... more

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Timely article just when I need it

Eve A | Selling on Facebook can be very profitable especially when you have very enthusiastic followers. I really like the idea of selling on a business page and I think Facebook Inc did well to include that feature. Also, it is mobile so, customers can shop... more

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How to Make More Sales from Your Facebook Business Page

Madeleine Helme | Let’s take a look at how you can optimize your Facebook business page to drive sales. These tips can be implemented without spending money to advertise.... more