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So much to understand when it comes to sales metrics

Erik Serrao | This article very aptly touched upon five important metrics to keep in mind for all merchants making sales to normal customers in developed countries such as the USA or in Europe or Asia.  Without adhering to certain metrics when planning sales,... more

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AI is real now

Erik Serrao | Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives with each passing moment.  In fact, AI is now an integral process in commerce and sales across the globe.  Artificial intelligence is responsible for assisting merc... more

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In-Store events are so important!

Erik Serrao | Hey everyone, in-store events are so important for driving business, but also for maintaining your existing customer base.  In-store events can pull people into your store who might be walking by.  An example would be positioning a DJ near... more

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PR is quite important today

Erik Serrao | Public relations is a very important part of everyday business for many companies across the world. PR can not only put a new product or service on the map for individuals who have not heard of it before, but it can also play damage co... more

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Use common sense in text ads

Erik Serrao | The average reader nowadays can pick up on these errors and instantly write your company off if there are mistakes. This is why it's so crucial to make sure you're building your text ads with a thorough and clever eye. more

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People-based marketing is necessary

Erik Serrao | People-based marketing is essential in today's day and age.  People are not machines, and each individual can have very different likes and tastes.  Even members of the same family can have completely opposite views on many things in life.... more

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Avoid Making These Common Text Ad Mistakes

Madeleine Helme | Text ad mistakes are easy to overlook, but avoiding them could result in much more successful ad campaigns and a boost to your return on investment.... more