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Maintaining Online Reputation by Creating Content

Devis Michel | Due to the increasing popularity of online forums and communities for customers, especially as it pertains to ecommerce, your company's online repuation is more important than ever. The online chatter surrounding your products and/or servic... more

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Implementing Mobile Advertisement

Devis Michel | Almost everyone has used a mobile phone to make an online purchase. Implementing mobile advertisments into their business strategy is an excellent opportunity all marketers should be taking advantage of. With proper research and testing of... more

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Researching appropriate font for promoting eye catching adve

Devis Michel | An effective advertisement requires extensive research and testing in order to determine what will work best for your product in your particular market. I would like to thank Madeleine Helme for opening up this discussion about various elem... more

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Importance of Online Communities and Reviews

Devis Michel | Online communities and reviews provide consumers with an excellent resource for information on the product or service they are interested in purchasing. Good marketers should always keep an eye out for opportunities to illicit customer feed... more

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The Essentials: 5 Must-Follow Martech Trends

Hailee Franco | The heart of a business should be tech. Are you using it enough? If not check out these martech trends to see what you need to add to your stack today.... more