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Can you attract your first clients on social media?

bruce J.stevenson | I'm interested as to what everyone thinks about this. I pose the question because I've experience varied success on the matter. I do agree that it is all about building relationships. If you can use your social media presence to connect wit... more

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What is the future of chatbots?

bruce J.stevenson | You can see that in every aspect of automatization. You want things to work better and faster than they did in the past. That is just the way humans are. We try to make things more efficient.In the short future, the simpler chatbots are going to domi... more

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Amazon is more profitable

bruce J.stevenson | Amazon is the best overall growth story in today's market, in my opinion. As an internet marketer, I find being an Amazon seller is more profitable than being let's say a website owner. Why? Because when you own a website you have to pay fo... more

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How to Optimize Amazon Listings

Madeleine Helme | You need to optimize Amazon listings to allow people to discover it when they search for related keywords.Try making some tweaks based on our advice.... more