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PR as a marketing tool

Bobb Andrew | PR is a very effective way to launch a new product to the market. PR is used to create a buzz or awareness to the potential clients about the launch of a new product. We can use PR in different ways from calling a press conference to having... more

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Marketing Tips

Bobb Andrew | Marketing is ever changing and for a company to remain on top of its game it has to always be on the lookout for new innovative ways to market its products. Online marketing is the way to go as it has a wider reach and more faster reach than print me... more

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Helpful tip about Webinars

Bobb Andrew | This is really helpful information that can be used by any company, a start up or an established organisation looking to get into online marketing but need a little guidance. Some company may fail in their webinar because they chose poorly... more

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My Top Content Marketing Tips

Hailee Franco | How can you make sure your content stays fresh and gets the right attention? Read our top content marketing tips 2017 edition.... more