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A commission minded business

Bishal Shrestha | It's true that affiliate marketing can be very lucrative for both parties, but if you have to offer a really generous commission, your money and efforts might be better spent elsewhere.   But how do you know? At what point do you sett... more

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Tough Subjects

Bishal Shrestha | I agree that it is often challenging and awkward to talk about money with clients. When I have had to do it in the past, I've found that being direct and honest is the best way to handle the conversation. It is also a much easier conversati... more

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Conversational Commerce

Bishal Shrestha | Yeah, I believe that conversational commerce is one of the most useful means of selling and buying these days. If we are able to talk to the client directly, they will be more engaged and informed about our product that we're selling them,... more

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How is Conversational Commerce Changing the Way We Buy and Sell?

Madeleine Helme | Conversational commerce is well on its way. Start thinking about how you can implement conversational commerce in your business.... more