Natalie Nathanson

Founder & President at Magnetude Consulting

Natalie Nathanson is a tech sector entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, technology and the entrepreneurial spirit. With over 15 years of marketing experience, she has worked extensively with startups, small and mid-sized firms across the tech sector to drive towards company growth objectives. Natalie has expertise across a variety of marketing & sales disciplines including branding, messaging & positioning, demand generation, digital marketing, sales enablement, product marketing, channel marketing and inbound marketing and sales. In 2012, she founded *Magnetude Consulting*, a B2B marketing firm that works with entrepreneurial firms who want to grow more rapidly and compete more effectively. Magnetude helps clients market the right way in today’s increasingly complex environment by providing fractional marketing department services with full-service capabilities spanning marketing strategy, digital marketing, demand generation, channel & sales enablement, content development and brand visibility. Prior to founding Magnetude, Natalie managed a global marketing team at Forrester Research where she led programs around sales enablement, sales & marketing alignment, demand generation and product marketing. Natalie has also held a range of marketing positions at other B2B tech firms spanning product marketing, marketing communications and demand generation. 

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