Jaime Romero

Vice President of Customer Success at MRP

Jaime is currently Vice President of Customer Success, responsible for developing MRP's global demand generation campaigns, executing client programs, onboarding MRP software clients, as well as sales and revenue growth. Jaime has built and executed online and offline marketing strategies and worked across multiple industries and markets including trade shows and events, IT, finance tech, and local marketing. Jaime earned his BS and MBA in marketing and was elected to the National Marketing Honor Society. Jaime comes to MRP through the acquisition of enter:marketing, where he led the delivery and marketing function for the agency. Prior to enter:marketing, Jaime served as the VP of marketing for LocalVox, a local online marketing SaaS company and VP of marketing for Axial, an online marketplace for the private capital markets where Jaime built the marketing organization from the ground up, focused mostly on content marketing, but including a broad range of marketing channels including in-house events, channel partnerships, PR and trade shows.

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