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Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

What is account-based marketing (ABM)? Account-based marketing  (ABM) helps businesses close specific deals, or "accounts." These accounts... more

Myth Busters: The Account-Based Marketing Edition

Ashley Kaczmar | Though 90% of marketers think ABM is helpful, only 20% are using it. And it's thanks to these misconceptions. Find out what they are here.... more

Automate Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Kathi Furman | You have the power to achieve better results from your limited audience if you automate your account-based marketing strategy.... more

Improve Account-Based Marketing With Content

Kathi Furman | Make a plan to intertwine account-based marketing and content with these steps and create customized content to grab the attention of your accounts.... more

Get the Most Out of Your Account-Based Marketing

Kathi Furman | The businesses with the most account-based marketing success use these strategies consistently in their efforts. Find out what they are on MarTechExec.... more

Role Call: Key Roles for Every Account-Based Marketing Team

Kathi Furman | It's time to take role call. Do you have all the necessary roles on your account-based marketing team? If not find out who you need to get on board.... more

Why the Experts Say Account-Based Marketing is a Must in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | ABM is a marketing strategy that focuses on customers as individuals. Businesses then concentrate their marketing and sales resources on them.... more

Cover All Your Bases With a Well-Rounded MarTech Stack

Sara Sousa | Martech stacks are not one size fits all. Researching, selecting and implementing new technologies can be overwhelming without a plan. Here's your guide.... more

ABM is the Secret Sauce for Awesome Retargeting

Ashley Kaczmar | Account-based marketing is the latest trend in B2B marketing. And it looks like it's paying off. Find out more in this article from Brian Anderson.... more

ABM: The Importance of Personalization

Kathi Furman | ABM strategy requires work to understand each account on an individual level. Use these 5 techniques for personalization of your account-based marketing.... more

Propago declares triple-digit growth thanks to web-to-print market

John Shieldsmith | Propago, a cloud-based asset management firm, said they're projecting triple-digit growth due to the web-to-print market.  This came as a shock to me, as I'm sure it does many of you not in the web-to-print industry. What do you think acc... more

Aligning Sales and Marketing to Achieve ABM Success

Kathi Furman | Success is only experienced when businesses implement account-based marketing the right way – by aligning sales and marketing departments.... more

You're Invited! Making Events the Center of Your ABM Strategy

Kathi Furman | Create event opportunities that bring existing and potential accounts together.Focus on creating a valuable customized experience to boost your ABM strategy... more

How to Stand Above the Crowd with ABM

Ashley Kaczmar | Account-based marketing developed as a way to more specifically target a buyer. How do you make your ABM stand out? This article will show you. ... more

Just Duet: Hitting the ABM High Notes

Anna Rachel Rich | David Crane shares the mic with ABM experts Kathy Maachi and Patrice Greene of Inverta, talking strategy and common errors leading to poor performance.... more

ABM by the Numbers: Counting Down to ABM Success

Kathi Furman | Implement ABM now with the 7 steps given here and track over the next year to see the best results.... more

Buying email lists. Is this a mistake for marketing professionals?

Hailee Franco | Adestra's VP of Marketing Ryan Phelan recently did an interview where he was quoted as saying, "For the past ten years, we in the email world have believed that email is a permission-based medium. Sure, we hear from people saying, "the... more

ABM Experts Weigh In with Creative Tips

Lana Moore | Account based marketing is a marketing strategy every businesses should use. However, excelling at ABM isn’t easy. So we asked the ABM experts for tips!... more

Using LinkedIn as a B2B Sales Tool

Madeleine Helme | LinkedIn is commonly used as a recruitment tool, but that’s not the only way it can help your business, it is also great as a B2B sales tool.... more

Reviving Dead Accounts with ABM. The Experts Weigh-In

Lana Moore | Are you having issues bringing your ABM account back from the dead? If so listen up. We asked some of the best in the field to share their tips with you!... more

Social and Relationships: 50+ Stats You Need to Know

Lana Moore | Looking for a rundown of "need-to-know" information on social media and customer relationships? Look no further. We have all the essential statistics.... more

Ring Ring: How Call Analytics Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Kathi Furman | Improve your marketing strategy by utilizing call analytics and tracking software. Your customer relationships will be stronger and your sales will increase... more

The Benefits of Interactive Content Marketing

Hailee Franco | While it takes time and money to create and implement interactive content posts, the benefits certainly outweigh the cost.... more

Data Management Platforms Meet Demand Side Platforms

John White | Today, both data management platforms and demand side platforms are an important part of modern marketing strategy. Learn how they interact for success.... more

Facebook vs. Twitter: Choosing the Right Social Platform

Kathi Furman | Your business needs have a social media marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean you need to be on all available social media platforms.... more

E-Success: Successful Email Marketing Starts Here

Hailee Franco | It doesn’t take much work to get the most out of your email marketing. Start putting these email marketing success tips and tricks to use today.... more

Why Marketers Want to Get Closer to their Customers in 2017 with Proximity Marketing

Madeleine Helme | More and more businesses are adopting proximity marketing and other location-based marketing techniques to deliver highly targeted marketing messages.... more

To be successful do sales and marketing need to communicate?

Hailee Franco | At my office, we work in a collaborative environment. Every team is working together to ensure that all ever project we do is done with not only our users in mind but the other departments. This has helped make us more effective overall while improv... more

Getting Started with LinkedIn Advertising

Madeleine Helme | LinkedIn advertising is a powerful way to get your targeted message in front of just the right people. Are you using it yet?... more

Making Sense of the MarTech Landscape: Vendor Analysis Tips

Lisa Callahan | TL;DR Definition: Vendor analysis helps a business choose a supplier, or vendor, to buy from. It involves looking at costs, quality and the features of each vendor's offer. As a result, the business is able to pick the vendor that best meets its n... more

Data Enhancement: Making Mucky Metrics Clean Again

Lisa Callahan | TL;DR Definition: Data enhancement is the process of turning raw information into something useful or valuable to your business growth. This involves aggregating data from different sources, then cleaning and organizing it to improve customer insi... more

Use It or Lose It: Customer Retention and Social Media

Hailee Franco | If you knew it cost 6 to 7 times more to attract new customers than to keep old ones, wouldn’t you do it? Then use social media for customer retention!... more

Need-to-Know Martech Budgeting Tips for 2017

Tim Ziegler | A marketing budget is a plan for expenditures that will cover marketing costs like public relations, influencer marketing and much more.... more

Going Full Throttle with Marketing Analytics in 2017

Lisa Callahan | Marketing analytics measures marketing effectiveness. It looks at when, where and how customer engagements happen by combining online and offline data.... more

Content and Experience: All the Stats You Need to Know

Lana Moore | There is so much information about content and experience that it can be hard to keep all your facts straight. That is why we made this list for you.... more

Let Automation Do Your Local Marketing for You

Madeleine Helme | Nothing worth having comes easy! Like any method of marketing a business, you have to dedicate time and effort into local marketing to make it work. Don’t let this put you off. However, if you are short on time there are plenty of automation tool... more

Putting Your Eggs in One Basket: Mastering iPaaS

John Shieldsmith | Do you have what feels like a million cloud-based platforms you make your employees juggle? It's time to consolidate those with iPaaS.... more

Expert Tips to Take 2017 by Storm with E-Commerce Marketing

Madeleine Helme | Today, e-commerce is a staple of our regular shopping habits and is expected to account for more than $2 trillion of worldwide sales in coming years.... more