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Why did we build this community for marketing technology professionals?

We were inspired to create this community because of this:

Marketing technology landscape 2011 - 2016

And the struggle got more real in 2017

Scott Brinker published the latest and greatest landscape to date. Over 5,000 martech solutions offered in six martech categories.

Marketing Technology Landscape 2017

So we asked a bunch of marketers and tech start-up peeps

At SXSWi (South by Southwest Interactive), on a rainy day in Austin, TX, we bribed people with ponchos to answer a marketing question.  This is what they had to say.

And we were befuddled. College professors, marketing technology executives, and others were perplexed with the term "martech."

We often ask ourselves, and others, if marketing can even exist without technology in today's day and age.

It can, but they are probably not very effective channels.

Angie's List-meets-Reddit for marketers

It's not enough to see ratings and reviews of solutions. You want to learn from others—like pitfalls to avoid, best-practices, and even where you can cut costs.

So we built MarTechExec, where marketing professionals learn, share, and discuss — with peers that have been there, done that.

We've got a great team!

Led by rising martech influencer Lana K. Moore (@martechexec), with headquarters in Austin, TX, we have over 25 team members (and growing) dedicated to the success of this community. 

What are we passionate about?

Our families, martech, bbq and live music.

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