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Social Media

What is Social Media? Social media are websites and applications that allow users to create and share information, ideas, and interests. These ideas are most often shared through networks or virtual communities. As a result, it contains interactive... more

Social Media

Heather Stahl | Where do we begin and where do we end with social media? I've spoken with many bloggers who use a variety of social media to promote their content, but I can barely keep up with just Facebook and the website. Is there such a thing as too much market... more

Social Media

Lauren Campbell | Marketing on socila media is a must these days. If you're not on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat then there is a good chance you're missing out on some business. Social media can be scary and intimidating but once you get your foot in the door, it'... more

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

What is social media marketing (SMM)? Social media marketing  (SMM) is a business promotion on social media. It includes both paid and unpaid content, with the goal of boosting brand awareness.... more

Social media

Scott Willis |   Yes, a lot of advertising is put into the most popular online sites. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. These businesses know what they are doing. But, you don't have to be rich to get a little advertising in for your small local business and... more

Social Media

Leon Miltiadous | An interesting article to read for a small business owner like myself. Establishing a social media platform with clients is paramount to the success of the business and to the delivery of a product/service which is of high quality. This article was... more

Social Media PR

Ben Ibarra | I personally believe Social Media has made the biggest impact on PR in the recent years, and is probably much more utilized/effective then the traditional newspaper releases that seemed to never go away decades ago. Now when there are public release... more

Social Media

Heather Nelson | It is very important to know your target audience before you choose a social media platform to advertise on, or else you risk completely wasting your time and budget. It's not just the sites themselves that are constantly changing, it's the use... more

Social Media Optimization

What is social media optimization? Social media optimization (SMO) refers to the different strategies a brand uses with specific goals in mind. One of these goals can be to promote a product, service or event. Or it could be just to increase aw... more

Social Media Monitoring (SMM)

What is Social Media Monitoring? Social media monitoring also known as SMM occurs when businesses use tools to learn what customers are saying online. While social media is in the name these monitoring tools work on many other platforms. Thes... more

Social Media Audit

What is a social media audit? A social media audit looks at a person or company's presence on social media. It then checks their activity and forms insights into how you can better your use of social media. This audit tells a brand it's current posi... more

PR Storm Prevention on Social Media

Ashley Kaczmar | It's very easy these days for people to complain loudly and to a large number of people thanks to social media. So how do brands handle those situations?... more

Social Media is so important!

Heather Nelson | I loved your ideas on building your Instagram following. I see a lot of people who are constantly posting but do not have the huge following. I like your ideas of teaching and providing valuable information once a day everyday rather that posti... more

Social Media Relationships

Dylan Jacobi | Social media is the biggest and fastest growing way of reaching new people, contacts, and potential customers. How can we increase positive interactions between these three groups to help ourselves for the end goal of increasing synergy for our... more

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Tasha Lower | Good tips all over, but especially the bit about creating a buzz and building a relationship with consumers through the internet. Don’t forget social media and using artistically interesting or aesthetically intriguing pictures or videos o... more

Social Media Marketing

Lauren Campbell | This was an excellent article. I have always thought that using humor, espcially in our tweets and facebook posts, is the most effective way to grab the attention of our prospective customers, who for the most part are millennials. When someone... more

Social media is the new wave of social reform

Lisa Callahan | We should all be pretty familiar with how things on social media can spread like wildfire. That's either really bad or really good, depending on what that 'thing' is.  Well, you can probably put social reform in the 'good things' bucket, r... more

The Social Media Content Storybook

Ashley Kaczmar | When your target audience is scrolling through their social media platform of choice, your hope they stop and engage with your content.... more

A Recipe for Social Media Success

Ashley Kaczmar | You've finally decided to take your business from traditional to modern and savvy. How do you make the most of your social media presence?... more

Becoming a Social Media Doomsday Prepper

Hailee Franco | Bunker down, there's a social storm a comin'! Expect a rain of angry tweets in your future. Find out how to become a social media doomsday prepper.... more

Is social media a female entrepreneurs game?

Hailee Franco | Recently I came across a survey done by Animoto . In it they looked at the female entrepreneur.  They found that 98% of these women use Facebook for marketing. What's more 48% believe they can create high-performing content for that platfo... more

Are You Building Relationships with Social Media?

Ashley Kaczmar | When you're a business, you probably think of social media as a way to promote and advertise. You're missing a component: its ability to help you network. ... more

Stop Wasting Your Time on Social Media

Hailee Franco | Just posting to social media isn't enough. You need to be doing it right. Is it time for you to stop wasting your time on social media?... more

Survival of the Fittest Social Media Presence

Ashley Kaczmar | Only 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence whatsoever. Meanwhile social networks are closing in on 3 billion users. Why does this matter?... more

Social Media is Not for Copy/Paste Marketing

Hailee Franco | To get the most out of social media you need to create the right copy for each channel. So it's time to say not to copy paste marketing. Find out why.... more

Scoring a Perfect 10: Social Media Strategies You Need

Hailee Franco | Social media is about more than likes, follows, and shares. It's also about the customer and using the social media strategies that work for them.... more

Get On Top of SEO with Social Media Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Do you understand exactly how social media marketing benefits you and your Google ranking? This article breaks down the how and why.... more

Make Your Social Media Count in Real Numbers

Ashley Kaczmar | Many experts believe it's time for businesses to start getting really serious about social media. That's where this article comes in.... more

The Secret Sauce to a Successful Social Media Campaign

Ashley Kaczmar | If you're just starting a social media marketing campaign, you may be at a loss as to what you should be doing. When do you post? What do you post?... more

Bettering Your Brand: Why Social Media Matters

Hailee Franco | Hey, print marketer! Yeah, you with the mailer! Put down the paper and learn why social media matters in this article from Jordan French.... more

How to Become a Creative Genius on Social Media

Ashley Kaczmar | We all know the go-to advice about social media is to be creative with your posts. But there's more that goes into a campaign than just a funny Tweet.... more

Quizzing Out: The Potential of Quizzes on Social Media

Ashley Kaczmar | People love to share quizzes with their friends and family. So, what would happen if you used quizzes in your social media marketing strategy?... more

Chirpify is stirring up social media and chat CRM

Ashley Kaczmar | Chirpify has announced the ability to combine personal social media and chat IDs with loyalty programs and CRM databases.  What benefits do you see here?... more

Millennials and Social Media: The Experts Weigh In

Lana Moore | When it comes to social media which platform should you choose to best market to millennials? We asked the experts to weigh-in. See what they had to say.... more

The benefits of a well-built social media circle

Gregory Samsa | There's no doubt that influencers can be a huge boost for businesses in this day and age of booming social media. People with presence in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media networks can be harnessed in order to provide ma... more

Getting Engaged with Your Social Media Engagement

Ashley Kaczmar | We all know it's important to have engagement with consumers on our social media channels. But are we measuring it in the right way? Find out more here.... more

Impressing Google with Your Social Media Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Everyone wants to rank high on Google's search engine. Enter social media. Find out how to best use it to improve your SEO ranking.... more

9 Steps to Better Video Marketing on Social Media

Kathi Furman | Don’t get lost in the crowd on social media. Make your audience want to start a relationship with you with these steps for video marketing on social media... more

How Experts Write Excellent Social Media Ad Copy

Ashley Kaczmar | Writing ad copy depends very much on where your ad is going. So, when you're writing ads for your social media platforms, you need to adjust for that.... more

Building Relationships: How Social Media Can Help

Hailee Franco | It is time to rethink the way you use social media.If you aren't building relationships are your social platforms then the answer is yes.... more