Successful Sales: Copywriting Tips to Improve Sales

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Sales Accepted Lead (SAL)

A sales accepted lead (SAL) refers to a marketing qualified lead that the marketing team rearches. When deemed worthy and likely to convert, the SAL becomes a sales qualified lead.... more

Sales Automation

What is Sales Automation? Sales automation is a process for making sales reps more efficient by automating aspects of the sales process. This includes making appointments, updating the CRM, processing sales, prioritizing leads, and analyzing sales.... more

Sales Forecasting

What is sales forecasting? Sales forecasting involves predicting the sales and revenue a company will achieve in a period. It could apply to the next month, quarter, or year, for example. Businesses take sales data, industry trends, and estimat... more

Sales Intelligence

What is Sales Intelligence? Sales intelligence helps to inform a successful sales process. Sales intelligence technologies help sales reps collect and analyze data on prospects and existing clients. As a result, it also helps them analyze their own... more

Sales Funnel

What is a Sales Funnel? A sales funnel is the visualization of the path a customer takes from initial awareness of a brand to the eventual purchase. A sales funnel will vary from one business to the next, depending on their sales process. The aim o... more

Sales Enablement

What is Sales Enablement? Sales enablement refers to the strategy, process, and activities used to improve the sales process. It is an ongoing activity that provides sales reps with the skills needed to contact the right prospects at the right... more

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

What is a sales qualified lead? SQL refers to a sales qualified lead that the marketing and sales team researches. An SQL clears the necessary prerequisites required to move to the next stage of the buyer’s journey. These leads are often... more

How to Attract Top Sales Talent

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Marketing vs. sales: Apples vs. oranges?

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Turning Sales and Marketing into Smarketing

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Getting a Competitive Edge Through Sales Pipeline Benchmarks

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