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            Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family.... more

Instagram Stories

What are Instagram Stories? Instagram Stories  is an Instagram feature that allows users to share short or live videos with their Instagram followers. Live stories erase immediately after sign off and have no length limit. Other stories h... more

Instagrand: Boost Your Instagram Sales

Hailee Franco | Instagram isn't just for pictures anymore. Okay, it's for pictures, but it's also a sales tool. Find out how to boost Instagram sales for your business now.... more
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            The best online Instagram bot on the web. Automate your activity and get more followers, likes and comments on Instagram.... more
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A Guide to Advertising on Instagram

Madeleine Helme | Here’s a basic guide to get your Instagram ads up and running. Get creative with your content for maximum engagement on Instagram.... more

Snapchat vs Instagram in the Marketing Race

Ashley Kaczmar | Snapchat might be the trendier platform to the kids, but marketers seem to prefer Instagram. Why is that? Read on the find out.... more

Easy Ways to Up Your Instagram Game

Hailee Franco | In case you didn't already know, Instagram is the fastest growing social media tool. So it may be time to up your Instagram game. Learn how in this article.... more

Instagram ads just short of facebook

Ben Ibarra | In my opinion, Facebook ads are 1# way to go just because of the hyper targeting, but instagram are definitely a near second alongside other social media platforms. Because of the different layout on insta, depending on the ad context, it can be bet... more

Is it Time for an Instagram Scheduling Intervention?

Hailee Franco | Scheduling your content actually, makes your more spontaneous! So tell me is it time for an Instagram scheduling intervention?... more

Is Instagram Winning the War Against Snapchat?

Ashley Kaczmar | Snapchat is working especially hard to appeal more to advertisers. Lately, though, brands have been showing favoritism to Instagram. Find out why.... more

Social Stats: How Many Ounces in an Instagram?

Lisa Callahan | Making sense of social analytics, like those on Instagram, sometimes feels like a high school science class. And we surely don't want to relive those days.... more

Walking Through the Sales Funnel with Instagram

Ashley Kaczmar | It can be hard to see if you're getting value out of your Instagram activity. This article will provide you with a strategy to help quantify your efforts.... more

How Service-Based Companies Can Win at Instagram

Ashley Kaczmar | Instagram is a great place to share images. But when you're a service-based company, you might not feel like you have anything worth posting. Think again!... more

Double Tap for E-Commerce Success on Instagram

Madeleine Helme | Consumers love to engage with brands on Instagram, but only if they are posting quality content. Jini Maxin has some tips on this topic on SEMRush.... more

Stock It Up: Is it Okay to Use Stock Photos on Instagram?

Hailee Franco | Stock photos, you know them. Maybe you love them or maybe you hate them. But do they have a place on Instagram? Find out in this article.... more

Creating Brand Awareness with Instagram Marketing

Hailee Franco | So you think Instagram isn't the right fit for your business? Well, think again. It's a powerful tool for all businesses that can boost brand awareness.... more

Click the Comment Button: Increasing Instagram Comments

Hailee Franco | And as marketing changes and social media platforms add new algorithms engaging audiences gets harder. So how fo you increase Instagram comments?... more

Creating Instagram Ads People Will Love

Madeleine Helme | Instagram ads are a great way to get more leads for your business. Follow these tips to create ads that will make your audience pay attention.... more

Hootsuite and the Case of Paid Instagram Followers

Hailee Franco | Is it worth it to join the dark side of social media and pay for your followers? This is what Hootsuite set out to find in their recent experiment.... more

Gather ‘Round the Insta-Fire: Using Instagram Stories to Spark Engagement

Anna Rachel Rich | Influencer marketing platform, Klear recently analyzed 149 brands across eight industries to see who’s performing best with Instagram Stories and Laura Forer compiled the findings in an insightful infographic.... more

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Whose Instagram Contest is Fairest of Them All?

Ashley Kaczmar | You've been making posts on Instagram, but it feels like no one cares. People are mostly looking for entertainment. So, how do you keep them entertained?... more

Instagram Makes Selling Products Easier with New In-App Tool

Hailee Franco | Instagram is making it easier to sell your products without hurting your bottom line. Their new tool launched recently and makes it easy to sell products.... more

Follow Friday: How to Grow Your Instagram Follower Base

Hailee Franco | So you are ready to grow your Instagram follower base but have no idea how to do it. That's okay, we do! Find out how to get the followers you crave.... more
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We help brands and celebrities engage real people’s attention to their Instagram accounts fast and safely.Attracting involved heads to your business is our main goal. Be ahead with InstaHeads.... more


Lauren Campbell | There are tons of ads on Instagram, and nine times out of ten you can tell its an ad as soon as you scroll to it. These days people are attracted to humor, and memes especially. I've always thought that maybe if these companies looked a little... more
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Good Advice on Instragram Usage

JONTY HART SHARP | I think your point about being sure not to overload Instagram with useless posts is an important one. So often people post for the sake of posting without a clear strategy as to what they are trying to achieve on the platform. Instagram can be a fan... more


What is Cost-Per-Install? Cost-Per-Install also know as CPI, is a marketing campaign specific to mobile apps. Businesses create and distribute ads across multiple other mediums to drive people to download the advertised app. When a download occurs t... more
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