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B2B Sales A Go-Go

Hailee Franco | If your B2B business wants more sales then you need to spend more time selling. But how do you do that? By using these 6 best practices of course!... more

Using LinkedIn as a B2B Sales Tool

Madeleine Helme | LinkedIn is commonly used as a recruitment tool, but that’s not the only way it can help your business, it is also great as a B2B sales tool.... more


What is B2B? B2B , or business-to-business, is the sale of products or services to another business. B2B companies usually sell products in bulk. Examples of B2B offerings include E-commerce, business consulting and iPaaS.... more


What is B2C? B2C , or business-to-consumer, is the sale of products direct to consumers. These include mass market items like cars, clothes and home goods. B2C is the opposite of B2B, or business-to-business.... more

The 71-Point Guide to Win B2B Facebook Ads

Anna Rachel Rich | Allen Finn sheds light on Facebook’s substantial business growth opportunities in the B2B sphere.... more

Trust is a Must in B2B Relationships

Lisa Callahan | In this article, James Muir explains how to close the deal with B2B customers by helping them visualize the path to success. ... more

Why Should B2B Advertisers Be Interested in Programmatic TV?

Ashley Kaczmar | 'Programmatic” connotes digital trackability, and 'TV' has an old-brand feel. This article will cover why B2B advertisers should try programmatic TV. ... more

Targeting sales leads from social media activity

Ashley Kaczmar | Socedo recently announced that they've raised another 1million for their lead generation platform . How do you feel about finding sales leads through social media activity? I think it might be a great way for B2B marketers to find new leads. So, I'... more

How B2B Marketers Can Master Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | What guy in a suit doesn't have his phone glued to him at all times? According to a study, 42% of researchers use a mobile device during purchasing process.... more

Buyer Personas are the Glue that Aligns Great Sales and Marketing Teams

Lisa Callahan | Viveka Von Rosen from Vengreso explains how misalignment between sales and marketing, specifically with buyer personas, causes customer dissatisfaction.... more

Data in marketing: Is it even up for debate?

Lisa Callahan | ReachForce recently got a new CEO  -- Dion Cornett. Here's a recent quote from him about his upcoming responsbilities:  "As B2B sales transition to low-touch, self-service models, data-driven marketing becomes an absolute req... more

The ABCs of PPC and Why They Don't Always Matter

Ashley Kaczmar | This article draws a fascinating comparison between PPC for B2B marketing and PPC for higher education, which is typically considered B2C.... more

13 Toxic Terms to Nix From Your Sales Pitch

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Chris Orlob talks in-depth about his company's findings and what words are most closely associated with failed sales.... more

Turns Out Even Martech is About Balance

Sara Sousa | Brad Gillespie, VP of Marketing at Cvent, shares why it's critical for marketers to balance their martech efforts with the art of marketing. ... more

What on Earth is Sales Enablement?

Madeleine Helme | Sales enablement is a relatively new buzzword, so no one can agree on what it really is. Get the lowdown on sales enablement for your business.... more

You're Invited! Making Events the Center of Your ABM Strategy

Kathi Furman | Create event opportunities that bring existing and potential accounts together.Focus on creating a valuable customized experience to boost your ABM strategy... more

3 Ways CRMs Bridge the Divide Between Sales and Marketing

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Ensuring sales and marketing teams see eye-to-eye has always been a challenge for businesses. While driving revenue is the ultimate goal for both, measurements of success differ along the journey. Recent developments with CRM solutions have... more
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Just Duet: Hitting the ABM High Notes

Anna Rachel Rich | David Crane shares the mic with ABM experts Kathy Maachi and Patrice Greene of Inverta, talking strategy and common errors leading to poor performance.... more

Understanding the Importance of Call Analytics

Kathi Furman | Understanding the importance of call analytics in your digital marketing strategy is vital to future success. Find out why on MarTechExec.... more

Being an Enabler: Mastering Sales Enablement

John Shieldsmith | Your salespeople are your biggest asset. But, are you doing all you can to empower them? Master sales enablement and you will master sales.... more

Smart Event Meeting Management for B2B

Kathi Furman | Make your B2B networking and marketing work for you so that you can sit back while your clients increase your ROI with effective meeting management.... more

Expert Opinion: ABM featuring Jason Jue

Jason Jue | How will ABM technology evolve over the next 3-5 years? Jason Jue weighs in with expert insights and predictions.... more

Expert Opinion: ABM featuring Srihari Kumar

Srihari Kumar | How will ABM technology evolve over the next 3-5 years? Srihari Kumar weighs in with expert insights and predictions.... more

Business on the Go: The Best B2B Mobile Apps

Bill Gaskill | In this age of constant communication and frequent movement. Remain connected wherever you are with some of our favorite B2B mobile apps.... more

Chief Operations Officer Email List

martin soe | Buy best & customized Chief Operations Officer Email List/COO Email List that is well-researched and updated on a regular basis which guarantees helps you to reach the qualified customers and guarantees your business growth. Chief Oper... more

AI is Not the Future of ABM: It's Just Further Evolution

David Ratcliff | There's no denying the value of AI in martech. But is it the holy grail for ABM? Read David Ratcliff's perspective in this guest post.... more

Calling all Marketers: What You Need to Know About Call Tracking

Kathi Furman | Call tracking provides powerful insight into your daily operations. Research available options, and use these sets of data to impact your bottom line.... more

Expert Opinion: ABM featuring André Quicheron

André Quicheron | How will ABM technology evolve over the next 3-5 years? André Quicheron weighs in with expert insights and predictions.... more

Why worry about your business when Narwhal Data Partners is here?

martin soe | We at Narwhal Data Partners know and understand your business concerns and rightly so as the world is very much competitive and getting a traffic to your website is a challenge for every marketer. However, Narwhal Data Partners puts an end to... more

Expert Opinion: ABM featuring Kathleen Glass

Kathleen Glass | How will ABM technology evolve over the next 3-5 years? Kathleen Glass weighs in with expert insights and predictions.... more

Expert Opinion: Predictive Analytics featuring JJ Kardwell

JJ Kardwell | Read up on what analytics expert JJ Kardwell foresees will happen as predictive technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Community and Reviews featuring Sanjay Castelino

Sanjay Castelino | How do you build the best community for your brand? We asked the experts. Found out what they had to say in the installment of our Master Article Series.... more

If Bob Ross Practiced ABM: Taking A Blended Approach

Anna Rachel Rich | Jessica Fewless illustrates how making the move to a personalized, blended strategy enables marketers to drive account-based impact across the marketplace.... more

Expert Opinion: Predictive Analytics featuring François Bancilhon

François Bancilhon | Read up on what analytics expert François Bancilhon foresees will happen as predictive technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more
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Get the Most Out of Your Account-Based Marketing

Kathi Furman | The businesses with the most account-based marketing success use these strategies consistently in their efforts. Find out what they are on MarTechExec.... more