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Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3: Make Sure You Do Testing Before Launch

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Are you not getting the conversion rate you hoped to see? You may have missed a crucial step.In this article, Chris Dayley will talk about the testing you need to before launch and how it will help you see the conversion rate you want. Wh... more

Testing, Testing: Preparing a Mobile App for Launch

John Shieldsmith | A lot of work goes into making a mobile app. Use these tips to make sure your app has a smooth launch, not a crash landing.... more

A/B Testing vs. Split Testing: Which is Better?

Kathi Furman | Marketers spend a great deal of time creating and publishing content to attract more website visitors. Their main goal is to generate leads for their sales teams. The best marketers know the quickest path to lead generation success is testing their... more

A/B Testing

What is A/B testing? A/B testing is the practice of comparing two different versions of a web page, app, or email to determine which performs best. Then the tests are performed manually or using software. A/B testing is also known as split... more

A/B Testing Ideas to Make Your Marketing Stronger

Kathi Furman | Use these A/B testing ideas to make your online marketing strategy stronger, generate more leads, and increase sales revenue.... more

A/B Testing: Do the Risks Outweigh the Rewards?

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary A/B testing is a simple enough concept to understand. However, executing an A/B test drags up many questions.Should I run quick tests or long ones? When do you stop testing? What really is the goal?In this article, Georgi Georgiev will wal... more

A/B Testing - With Science!

Tim Ziegler | AB testing is a super-powerful tool when making decisions about your digital products. However, misusing AB test data is worse than not running the test.... more

5 Lessons Learned From Using Heatmap Testing Data to Create Floods of Profit

William Chou | In this article, guest author William Chou reviews the key findings from his company's study on heatmap data, including how to turn it into profits.... more

Common A/B Testing Mistakes Made by Businesses

Kathi Furman | Use A/B testing to make your marketing strategy stronger. Avoid these seven A/B testing mistakes to see the best results.... more

Analytics Exposed: Is A/B Testing Worth the Praise?

Lisa Callahan | In this article, the team at Kissmetrics Blog explains why A/B testing often fails and what other techniques you can use to replace them.... more

Awin invests in Tailify, the influencer marketing platform. Awin's COO raises interesting point.

John Shieldsmith | Awin announced earlier this year that they would be investing in Tailify, an influencer marketing platform. Awin's COO, Adam Ross, says influencer and affiliate marketing share so many characteristics that it's logical to partner up.  Do y... more

Reap What You Sew: Harvesting Organic Traffic

Hailee Franco | Trying to find the perfect SEO strategy is a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. So use these proven strategies to improve organic traffic.... more

Four51's CEO raises interesting point following launch of API-based e-comm platform

John Shieldsmith | Late last year, Four51 announced the launching of their API-based e-commerce platform, OrderCloud.io.  An industry-first, OrderCLoud.io is API-based and aimed at developers. In his announcement of the product, Four51's CEO, Mark Johnson,... more

Interesting Stats

Gerald Pan | Some of these statistics are so interesting! I especially liked that stat, "72% of females and 59% of males have decided to abandon their purchase because of shipping costs." The cost of shipping has never been a particular issue for... more

Video Testimonials: How to Build Trust and Close Sales in a Hurry

John Shieldsmith | You know testimonials can be effective. But have you tried using a video testimonial? Don't worry, we've got tips to get you started.... more

Is Whole Foods Destined to Lose Their Identity?

Hailee Franco | If you are like me, then you were surprised when you heard that Amazon had acquired Whole Foods. But then you were more than likely excited. Home delivery of your favorite Kombucha? Yes, please! But this acquisition does come with its challenges.&a... more

Are Humans Destined to Work with Robots? Peter Schlect, CEO of The SaaS Co thinks so!

Hailee Franco | It seems like 2017 is the year of AI. It's everywhere, in tech, in manufacturing and yes, in marketing. And depending on who you ask, there are generally two opinions about it.  Either you think Skynet is real and the robots will take over... more

Please Open This: Boosting Your Email Open Rates

John Shieldsmith | You spend tons of time making your emails, only to have them sit unopened. That, to put it plainly, sucks. Let's turn those open rates around.... more

Subject to Change: Boosting Open Rates with New Subject Lines

John Shieldsmith | Are your open rates in the hole? Well, get them out of there! Use these subject line tips to boost your open rates in no time!... more

Questionable Questions: 6 Questions to Stop Asking Prospects

John Shieldsmith | Do you ever get the feeling that you're asking your prospects the wrong questions? Well, stop it. This article has the right ones to ask.... more

Sales Forecasting

What is sales forecasting? Sales forecasting involves predicting the sales and revenue a company will achieve in a period. It could apply to the next month, quarter, or year, for example. Businesses take sales data, industry trends, and estimat... more

The King of Rolls and Sales: Boosting Sales in a Declining Market

John Shieldsmith | King's Hawaiian, the brand behind the famous sweet rolls, can teach us all a thing or two about boosting sales in a declining market.... more

Stop Wasting Money on Ineffective Online Trainings

Courtney Raaz | In this article Jim Yupangco explains how predictive learning analytics can mitigate learning issues and shares tips on how your company can set it all up.... more

Retailers, Are Your Fitting Rooms Costing You Sales?

Madeleine Helme | Do your fitting rooms provide customers with a positive experience? Improving this area of your store could lead to more sales, profits, and happy customers... more

Protecting Brand Safety in a Ray of Whitelisting

Ashley Kaczmar | The growing need for brand safety has made whitelisting a growing trend for digital advertisers. But how does this impact the market?... more

Think Outside the Default for Product Listings

Madeleine Helme | Don't just rely on default sorting options and assume it's the best option for your product listings. Read on to learn how to show off your products.... more

Whiteout the Bad in Programmatic with Whitelisting

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Whitelisting has the potential to alleviate many of programmatic advertising's issues. If done correctly. Ad fraud, transparency, brand safety, oh my! Programmatic advertising has faced a lot of issues in the recent years. How do you comba... more

How to Optimize Amazon Listings

Madeleine Helme | You need to optimize Amazon listings to allow people to discover it when they search for related keywords.Try making some tweaks based on our advice.... more

9 Steps to Improve Existing Vendor Relationships

Kathi Furman | Solid existing vendor relationships are the key to successful collaboration and meeting business objectives.... more


mijie sen | Specializing in the manufacturing of lost wax investment castings and finished products in carbon steel and alloy steel, our company is a world class manufacturer and supplier of investment castings in China. It consists of 2 major facilities, both... more

How to Update Your Company Listing on MarTechExec

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How to Claim Your Company Listing On MarTechExec

Ashley Kaczmar | Claiming your company listing on MarTechExec is quick and painless, and we've broken down the steps just to prove it to you!... more

Boosting Employee Happiness Doesn't Require a Budget

Courtney Raaz | In this article, Alan Kohll explains the benefits of employee happiness in the workplace and how you can promote happiness without affecting your budget.... more

Are You Wasting Your Dollars on This Paid Media Channel?

Lisa Callahan | Kissmetrics is here to explain how money spent on AdWords may not result in the web traffic you hoped for — plus how to make sure it does.... more

Boosting Office Productivity with Fresh Decor

Lisa Callahan | Harshil Barot outlines a few small ways to refresh your office environment for more productivity -- No paintbrushes or staple guns necessary.... more

Show Me the Money! Revenue-Boosting Tips for E-Commerce

Madeleine Helme | Opportunities are rife for e-commerce businesses, but competition is hot. Blair Nicole Nastasi gives her tips for increasing e-commerce revenue.... more

Millennials are Ousting "Middle Man" Retailers, But Why?

Lisa Callahan | Greg Sterling from Marketing Land dives deeper into the results of this survey to find out why consumers are ditching retailers to buy direct from brands.... more

Stop Wasting Your Time on Social Media

Hailee Franco | Just posting to social media isn't enough. You need to be doing it right. Is it time for you to stop wasting your time on social media?... more

Is AWS the Juicero of Web Hosting?

Tim Ziegler | The best product always wins, right!? Pedro Sostre says, hang on a sec. He looks at AWS and argues it's more expensive and less flexible.... more

Mind Games: Boosting Content Through Psychology

John Shieldsmith | How do you make content more compelling? Psychology. Read on to learn how you can apply psychological principles to your content.... more