SEO Trends for Digital Marketers in 2017

Hailee Franco | Summary When it comes to the world of marketing things are changing at a rapid rate. From Content to Commerce every business is doing their best to keep up with what's trending.If they don't, they are sure to get overtaken by their rivals. This is es... more

Bother-Be-Gone: Eliminating Workplace Distractions

Lisa Callahan | Summary The "open door policy" may be all the rage in today's workplace, but it might actually work against you.In this article, Laurie Maddalena from Cues offers up some quick tips for reducing workplace distractions for an instant product... more

Should you integrate your knowledge base with live chat?

Hailee Franco | I use to work for a tech company, one that had an extensive knowledge base filled with tutorials, articles, FAQs and more. But there was just one problem. We did nothing to promote it and it was difficult for our support team to share articles with a... more

Creating Credible Content: How Can Business Add Value to Their Content Marketing?

Hailee Franco | I recently ran into an article that shared a statistic from Rapt Media that I couldn't ignore. It said that, "63% of consumers think more positively of a brand if it gives them content they see as valuable, interesting, or relevant.&quo... more

How do you attract the right leads?

Hailee Franco | According to Ashley Walsh, VP of Marketing at Formstack, the ultimate goal of lead generation is, “The ultimate goal is to generate high-quality leads that convert to customers. That means you must attract people to your website, c... more

PayPal is great

Lauren Barn | For me, I love an easy check out for my purchases. This is why I appreciate when sites allow you to pay using Paypal at check out. I can just sign in and I am done. No need to input my card information or complete a form. This is why I am surprised m... more

Speeding up the system

Nathen Cuthbert | I couldn't agree more with author, especially the paragraph on speeding up the recruitment process. As both an employer and former employee, there is nothing more that rankles than the snail pace of getting someone on board. Endless interviews, prese... more

Why Marketers and Copywriters Can't Afford to NOT be Techies Anymore

Adriana Tica | Gone are the days when marketers only needed to be good at reading people. We now have to be techies if we want to succeed. Find out why.... more

What's the problem with proximity marketing?

Hailee Franco | "A marketer messaging a customer is a little like a pick-up line." Richard GravesI love this quote because I think it speaks volumes about marketing. Either it works, or it doesn't work. And when it comes to proximity mark... more

The Timeless Love Between Analytics and Data Visualization

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Henry Carless from Business2Community why data visualization and data analytics are two peas in the same martech pod.... more